Reindeer Food Recipe!

Reindeer Food Recipe for Christmas Eve Fun!

Children instinctively love animals and want to make sure they are treated well, and reindeer are no exception! The following reindeer food “recipe” will ensure that, along with cookies for Santa, your family will also have a little something tasty to leave for his hard-working reindeer.

On Christmas Eve, sprinkle this reindeer food over your front lawn. The sugar crystals will serve as a glittery attraction so that the reindeer and Santa’s sleigh know where to unload all those presents. Ho ho ho!

What you’ll need:
  • 1 cup raw oatmeal
  • Decorative sugar crystals* (in grocers near the cake decorating items)
  • Plastic lunch baggies
  • Ribbon
How to make it:

In a plastic baggie, mix together dry oatmeal and colored sugar crystals. Tie off with decorative, holiday ribbon and save ‘til Christmas Eve. When the time comes, sprinkle outdoors around your house and the reindeer will know exactly where to stop!

*Some reindeer food recipes call for glitter, but with the tasty oatmeal the mix, the sugar alternative is safer for our animal friends who are sure to gobble it up!


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