WWI and Aviation History Exposition – September 16th and 17th

WWI and Aviation History Exposition – September 16th and 17th

Flight of the Nieuport 28 – America’s first fighter aircraft

After years of restoration, the extraordinarily rare WWI Nieuport 28 (N.28) fighter aircraft will be showcased during the WWI and Aviation living history weekend at American Heritage Museum. The Nieuport 28 was the first fighter aircraft to be used in combat by U.S. military (American Expeditionary Force) in 1918, starting a legacy of American Airpower that lives to this day. This N.28 is one of five that remain and the only original one in the world fully restored and flying, making it the oldest airworthy American military aircraft.

Along with the N.28 the event will also have WWI living history camps and exhibitions. Rare artifacts and uniforms from America’s most successful WWI fighter Aces Eddie Rickenbacker and Douglas Campbell will be displayed as part of this exhibition. There will also be presentations and flying of the original WWII L-4 Grasshopper “Rosie the Rocketeer,” whose pilot was credited with destroying six German tanks in this aircraft and L-5 Sentinel that was used in the battle for Iwo Jima. This is also a great time to see and experience the American Heritage Museum’s exceptional collection of historic aircraft, tanks, armored vehicles, classic automobiles, and vintage race cars.

All three museums will be open
  • The American Heritage Museum
  • The Historic Aviation Hangar
  • Classic Automobile Barn

This is a unique opportunity to see some of the world’s most rare aircraft, extraordinary American classic automobiles, historic tanks, armored vehicles, military artifacts and much more.


Ride in or drive a real WWII tank!

  • M36 Jackson, M24 Chaffe and M4 Sherman tanks available for an incredible living history experience.
  • Tank Rides and Driving Instruction programs will be taking place over the weekend. You can register online, by phone, or on-site.

American Heritage Museum Photos

For more information visit www.AmericanHeritageMuseum.org or call (978) 562-9182



American Heritage Museum
568 Main St
Hudson, MA

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