Worcester Art Museum Summer Programs!

Worcester Art Museum – Creative Fun, All Summer Long!

The Worcester Art Museum Studio Art Program has a long history of introducing children of all ages to the world of art. Our young students explore the Museum collection, try new materials, and benefit from working with professional artists and educators. As they build their skills, they gain a sense of confidence and a deeper appreciation for art. All youth, not just those with perceived talent, benefit from our programs.


Youth Summer Classes

All classes are 9 am – 3 pm unless noted.  Drop off begins at 8 am. Extended day available until 5pm.

Week 1 – July 8-12
  • Art Together: On the Sea (3-6 years w/adult) 10 am 12 pm
  • (5-7y) Lego Printing, Explore the Elements, & Clay Play
  • (8-10y) – Acrylic Painting, Printmaking Explorations, Comic Books & Graphic Novels
  • (11-13y) – Postcard Prints, Comic Books & Graphic Novels, Ancient to Modern Sculpture
Week 2 – July 15-19
  • (5-7y) Ancient Arts, Clay Play II & Wild Art
  • (8-10y) – Postcard Prints, Wild Art & Drawing People
  • (11-13y) – Creature Masks, Drawing People, Print Making Explorations
Week 3 – July 22-26
  • Family Fun: Art of Everyday Life (5-7 years w/adult) 1 pm 3 pm
  • (5-7y) Movie Magic, Pinch Pot Creatures & Dinosaurs
  • (8-10y) – Petite Pots, 3D Watercolor Collage, Digital Art
  • (11-13y) – Movie Magic, Digital Art, 3D Watercolor Collage
Week 4 – July 29-August 2
  • (5-7y) Art of TODAY, Medieval Madness & Mystery Sculpture
  • (8-10y) – Movie Magic, Real-life Minecraft & Zines!
  • (11-13y) – Petite Pots, Zines! & Ancient Arts
Week 5 – August 5-9
  • (5-7y) Fun with Shapes, Drums and Art Around the World & Tails, Trails and Whales
  • (8-10y) – Ukelele, Mystery Sculptures & Medieval Madness
  • (11-13y) – Eraser Prints, Drawing Around Worcester, Manga/Comics & Graphic Novels
Week 6 – August 12-16
  • (5-7y) Lego Printing, Exploring the Elements, All About Me
  • (8-10y) – Eraser Prints, Miniature Worlds, Manga/Comics & Graphic Novels
  • (11-13y) Acrylic Painting Techniques, Medieval Madness, Art of TODAY

Drop off begins at 8 am. Extended Day Available (3 pm – 5 pm)!

Worcester Art Museum


Drop-Off and Pick-Up

All classes and workshops meet and depart from the Museum’s Lancaster Street Lobby. Drop off begins at 8 am. Please accompany your children to and from the lobby each day. Children  through age 13 will not be allowed to exit the building without the company of an adult.

Questions, Comments or Concerns?

Email: classes@worcesterart.org
Phone: 508.793.4333

Worcester Art Museum
55 Salisbury Street
Worcester, MA

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