Where Was WCKC This Week?

Where was WCKC This Week? June 17 – June24 

Where in Central MA was WCKC This Week: This series will feature what we did this week, tips & tricks, what we enjoyed, what was a miss and more. We hope this will help you find places to go in Central MA this summer! (And yes the title of the series is meant to be sung to the tune of “Where in the World is Carmen San Diego”). We will include anything that we think is family-friendly and fun in the area or within a drivable distance to Worcester, MA.

June 17 – June 24 

It’s been a busy week for WCKC with the first week of summer vacation. 

Hiking at Harvard Forest in Petersham 

two children and one adult walking a trail in the forest

Our family drove out to Harvard Forest and picked up a free map. We decided to do the Natural History Trail that has interpretive signs along the hike. We enjoyed an easy hike through the well manicured trails, and then checked out their small museum at the end. Read more about our experience here. 

After Harvard Forest, we ordered lunch at Petersham Country Store and ate a picnic lunch on their common. It was absolutely delicious with fresh local ingredients. 

Day Trip to Davis Farmland

We celebrated the end of school with a trip to one of our favorite local spots, Davis Farmland. We ventured into every area: animal showcase, Moo Town, the playground, Adventure Acres and the splash pad. We bought feed for the goats, and did a pony ride. We thoroughly enjoyed our first outing of the summer to Davis Farmland!

Red Sox Game 

For the second year, my husband took our older daughter Emma to a Red Sox game this week. We get cheaper tickets in the outfield so that she can see the action. She enjoys eating popcorn and Fenway franks. Plus, she gets to stay up extra late which is every 7 year old’s dream. 

Ice Cream at Kimball Farm in Lancastera cup of ice cream with rainbow sprinkles

Riley (age 4) and I went to Kimball Farm in Lancaster for a summer evening dinner and ice cream. The “roadside hangout” as it is described on their website has fried seafood, sandwiches, and more. Riley and I shared a dinner plate, and it was plenty of food for a four year old andan adult. We enjoyed picnic tables under the shade of a tent, rolling down the grassy hill and making silly faces in the wooden cut outs. We ate yummy ice cream after dinner. They have a mini or kiddie size, and we decided to share the kiddie size. It was plenty of ice cream; there was some leftover after we had our fill.

CAMP Interactive Shopping Experience 

We took a drive to Burlington Mall this week to check out CAMP – a kid store with interactive elements to engage the kids in fun play while shopping. The girls enjoyed a slide, riding on scooters, playing with a Barbie camper and doing fun craft projects. Read more about our experience here. 

Other Notable Mentions:

Teddy Bear Picnic at Gale Free Library this week as one of their summer reading events

Hiking at Moore State Park

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