Where was WCKC: Secret Gardens, Libraries & More

Where was WCKC This Week? July 31-August 7

Where in Central MA was WCKC This Week: This series will feature what we did this week, tips & tricks, what we enjoyed, what was a miss and more. We hope this will help you find places to go in Central MA this summer! (And yes the title of the series is meant to be sung to the tune of “Where in the World is Carmen San Diego”). We will include anything that we think is family-friendly and fun in the area or within a drivable distance to Worcester, MA.

July 31-August 7
Secret Garden in Shrewsbury
We made an afternoon out of a trip to the Secret Garden in Shrewsbury. The girls love this spot! There is so much to do and see here. Due to the drought, the waterfalls and streams are dried up, but that didn’t stop them from exploring all the sculptures, paths and surprises around every corner. It’s impossible to see everything in one visit. We went through the trails twice and noticed more hidden items the second time around.  They especially liked finding the ‘gems” and re-hiding them for others to find. See more about Shrewsbury Secret Garden HERE.
Shrewsbury Public Library
It was our first trip to the Shrewsbury Public Library.  They have a very inviting, spacious children’s room in the lower

 level. The girls loved the creative play area with a market, kitchen, dinosaur table and more.  We didn’t go in the outdoor courtyard, but it is a beautiful area to meet up with friends for outdoor time too. Every two weeks the library has a different scavenger hunt.  Today we searched for 12 Disney characters. Once you find all the characters and complete your card,
you are entered into a random prize drawing. There were lots of activities to keep us busy and the kids are asking to go back again!
Movies at Showcase in Millbury

We needed to beat the heat so one afternoon we made a trip to the movie theater. My older daughter is good at sitting for long periods of time, but my four year old still isn’t good at it. She hadn’t been to a movie in quite awhile. We opted to see Super Pets and you can read our review here. This is a pretty nice movie theater with reclining seats, but the snacks are very pricey. I definitely recommend going on a Tuesday or for a matinee to make movie ticket prices more affordable.

Turn Back Time Farm Camp in Paxton


This is our second year sending the girls to farm camp in Paxton. This camp is all about outside play and environmental learning. The kids love climbing trees, exploring nature at the “waterfall” and feeding the animals. To keep campers cool, they bring out a sprinkler system to help cool them down. They come home absolutely filthy and exhausted after a great morning of learning through play and learning outdoors. Their summer camps fill up quickly! And they are currently enrolling for their fall programs including after school programs, homeschool programs and family time on the farm. This is a really neat property and definitely worth checking out.

Other Notable Mentions
  • Beach time at Hampton Beach. We are pros at packing for a day trip at the beach. Here’s our list.
  • Back to school shopping (not ready yet!)
  • Back to school hair cuts at Snip Its in Millbury

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