Where Was WCKC This Week: Final Beach Days of Summer, Playgrounds & the Red Sox

Where in Central MA is WCKC This Week?

This series will feature what we did this week, tips & tricks, what we enjoyed, what was a miss and more. (And yes the title of the series is meant to be sung to the tune of “Where in the World is Carmen San Diego”). We will include anything that we think is family-friendly and fun in the area or within a drivable distance to Worcester, MA.


Last weekend, the girls voted to go back to the playground in Sterling that we had visited earlier this month. Emma really enjoys the unique climbing equipment, and Riley thought she was getting a hang of the smaller cargo nets too. This is definitely one of our favorite playgrounds currently!

Red Sox Game 

This was our six year old, Emma’s first Red Sox game. My husband took her in to a 7:00 weeknight game that of course went into extra innings getting them back to the car after midnight. Before the game, I bought her a t-shirt at Target for $20. I’m glad I did to avoid park prices on Red Sox memorabilia. They parked across 90 near Fenway for $50 (!), but it was a five minute walk. He says he would do it again for convenience, especially when walking back at 12:30 at night with a six year old.

family at the red sox gameShe loved dancing between innings and eating fun snack foods like a Fenway frank, popcorn and ice cream. The nice thing about a midweek game was that it wasn’t too crowded and felt a lot more comfortable to not be packed in. The seats were in center field, and it was a busy night of center field home runs.

Emma and her dad happily shared this rite of passage with Emma’s grandmother and aunt. Having family present made the game more exciting for Emma. She isn’t a huge sports fan, so I didn’t expect her to be engaged for a full game. However, Emma did not want to leave early (despite the late hour and 10 innings of baseball).

Still Four Corners for Dinner & Ice Cream

While Dad took Emma to the Red Sox game, Mom took Riley out for dinner & ice cream. We love Four Corners because the counter ordering makes it an easy spot to bring kids. Plus, the ice cream is absolutely delicious. Riley’s favorite food to order is the mac n cheese wedges. Then she happily devoured her mint chocolate chip ice cream with sprinkles (of course).

Final Beach Days at Hampton Beach

girl making a drip sand castle

We took one last summer vacation weekend trip up to Hampton Beach. The girls enjoyed playing in the sand and Emma learned to boogie board. The girls loved the arcade on the strip and the playground. There was a kids talent show happening at the half shell which we enjoyed listening to for a bit.

The weather wasn’t great, but that didn’t stop the girls from having fun. And actulaly the water was 70 degrees (as warm as the air!). We, the parents, got to go out for dinner solo one evening. So we enjoyed live music at the Sea Ketch, but definitely be prepared to wait for a table during the dinner hours.

Other Highlights:

  • Our final week of swim lessons at Worcester Fitness (although we signed up for next session!).
  • Back to school shopping at Kohl’s in Worcester
  • Checking out the fantastic new shop on Pleasant St in Worcester, Plant Ward

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