Where was WCKC: Fairy Tale Farm, Biking & More

Where in Central MA is WCKC This Week?

This series will feature what we did last week, tips & tricks, what we enjoyed, what was a miss and more. (And yes the title of the series is meant to be sung to the tune of “Where in the World is Carmen San Diego”). We will include anything that we think is family-friendly and fun in the area or within a drivable distance to Worcester, MA.

Fairy Tale Farm at Old Sturbridge Villagefairy tale on the farm

Last week we attended Fairy Tale Farm at OSV. We love fairy tales and storytelling, so this was definitely the event for us. The fairy tale characters had hilarious monologues and each included the kids in the audience in some way (dancing, collecting eggs etc). The monologues had a lot of great jokes targeted for adults. These jokes included subject matter like social media, Millenials, The Bachelor and other modern pop culture touch stones. When we arrived we received a list of the times of performances and where they were located as well as where some of the other activities could be found. We enjoyed a trolley ride through the village and ate ice cream. The girls made crowns and planted (princess and the pea) peas. We sat by a campfire at the center of the village and watched other kids play games. All around fun evening! Get your tickets for this coming week as the show ends on August 29.

Rail Trail Rutland

My husband took our six year old to the rail trail for a little biking this week. It was a nice way get in a little exercise together.  My husband likes to pick it up at the picnic area in Oakham because he likes the scenery and hemlocks along the trail. If you head toward Rutland there are ponds, brooks and other pretty views. The bike trail is flat and perfect for kids. My daughter’s bike still has training wheels but she had no trouble.

Marshmallow Craft

We had a few quiet home days at the beginning of the week due to my youngest having a head cold. I had some leftover marshmallows after making s’mores last week, so I decided to try out a “craft” I had seen online. I wanted to make pretzel stick and marshmallow structures. Well, my kids had other ideas and decided to make stick figures, igloos and snowmen out of the supplies. They asked me to get out some colored chocolate chips we have in our cupcake decorating box for eyes, buttons and other decorating. marshmallow snowman

This project was stickier than I expected (I’m not sure why this wasn’t obvious to me). And they begged to eat more marshmallows than I had anticipated. However, it was a solid 30 minute activity with no fighting between the cooped up siblings, so I will call it an overall win. Then we stuck the creations in the fridge and ate one for a movie night treat that evening.

Girls Night Out at Escape Rooms Worcester

My friend is getting married next week, so to celebrate, we took her out to Escape Rooms in Worcester and then to The Fix for dinner. We had a great time trying to defuse a bomb in the Fallout Escape Room designed for up to 8 people. The person hosting the game took pity on us giving us numerous clues along the way. Despite his best attempts, we did not defuse the bomb in time. If you would like to do an escape room with children, Escape Rooms Worcester gives detailed information online about what games are suitable for kids. They also offer kid friendly versions of their games. Whether it is an adult night out activity or a kid included activity, Escape Rooms Worcester is a place I recommend! There are other family-friendly escape room options in the area too that are worth checking out.


On our vacation, the kids enjoyed swimming, boating and fishing on a lake in Michigan. We compiled some of our top tips for fishing with young kids. Emma and Riley both enjoyed reeling in fish as well as catching small minnow with nets in the shallow waters when there was no adult to help them use their fishing poles.

Other Highlights

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