Where Was WCKC This Week: Swim Lessons, Jr Farmer & More!

Where in Central MA is WCKC This Week

This series will feature what we did this week, tips & tricks, what we enjoyed, what was a miss and more. (And yes the title of the series is meant to be sung to the tune of “Where in the World is Carmen San Diego”). We will include anything that we think is family-friendly and fun in the area or within a drivable distance to Worcester, MA.

First Week of Swim Lessons at Worcester Fitness

Because of the pandemic, my three year old Riley has never had swim lessons before, and she is not a fan of the water. We signed, nervously I will say, both the girls up for swim lessons. My oldeswim instructor with child on boogy boardst has done swim lessons before but it has not been a favorite activity for her either. They both loved their swim lessons so much! I was so impressed with the caring, encouraging nature of the instructors and how well my girls responded! After the class, Riley cried in the locker room because she wasn’t ready for class to be over and wanted to “play more.” Emma, the six year old, was so proud of her achievements swimming “by herself” in her first class. She definitely got a lot of self-confidence in just one thirty minute lesson which is so important for her. Highly recommend! Worcester Fitness Swim

Chestnut Hill Farm Jr Farmer for a Day

girl feeding goats

My daughter and her friend (ages 7 and 6) went to a program at Chestnut Hill Farm in Southborough called Junior Farmer for a Day this week. It was a full day program (9-3), and they are eager to go back and sign up for another day. They went on a scavenger hunt and a hike, but they both said the highlight of the day was feeding the baby goats. Emma came home with a small planter with carrots and zucchini planted. She also had created a butterfly out of clay. She had lots of great things to say about her day, and we definitely plan to send her back! In addition to teaching us some things she had learned over the course of the day, she was also tuckered out! I love when they can go explore, learn, adventure and then come home exhausted (in the best way). Chestnut Hill Farm has a few different weekly program options for you to check out with your kids depending on their ages and interests.

Moore State Park Rainy Walk

We took a rain walk on Monday. We don’t melt in the rain, and if I had to mediate one more argument about whether or not someone sat too close to someone else on the couch, I might have lost it. So clearly it was time to get the kids outside! Rain coats and a stroller did the trick and we drove over to Moore State Park in Paxton to check out what improvements have been made since the recent construction there. We love the new covered bridge and Adirondack chairs in front of the pond. Read more about our hike here.

We love this park for its walkability; my family often heads to the old mill and back which is an easy hike, but still hits the highlights of the park. Frequently there are photographers set up in this beautiful place and have participated in a few photoshoots here ourselves with our favorite photographer Joe Santa Maria of Kill the Ball Media. My daughters love this park because they love seeking out some of the side trails down to the pond, and the waterfalls by the mill. There are plenty of spots for snacks and lunches which is a must with small children.

Decorating Cupcakes

This does not seem like it should be its own category, but with all the lousy outdoor weather, we were hurting to beat the boredom this week. So aside from just sending them outgirls decorating cupcakesside in weather appropriate clothing to play in the mist, humidity or rain, we also did this fun indoor activity. I made up some plain old boxed cupcakes, took out the Pillsbury frosting (a chocolate and vanilla) and the girls had a blast decorating cupcakes. Emma’s friend Gianna came over and decorated some for her family as well. We took out all the sprinkles and sugars we had (including Christmas/winter themed decorations), and they had a ball. It was a 40 min or so activity. Plus they enjoyed picking out a (fully decked out) cupcake to eat at the end.

Playground Visit

After checking in our summer reading at Gale Free library once again this week, we walkedgirls climbing at playground over to the Jessica Stone Memorial Playground. Girls ran around and blew off some steam. This playground has an awesome sand box, a few slides and great climbing equipment that the kids love. Even Riley was able to do the mountain climbing activity which was very exciting for her. It’s a great playground for preschool through young elementary school.

If you missed our first in this series, you can read what we did last week here.

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