Top 5 Gifts for Grandparents

Top 5 Gifts for Grandparents

Written by a grandmother

The holidays are here, and you are still checking off your list. Grandparents. They can be very hard to buy for. Check out our list of top 5 gifts for grandparents!  As a grandparent, I can tell you from experience what we love for the holidays.  Nothing beats in-person visits from the grandkids, that goes without saying. Beyond that, here’s what we love:


A Shutterfly Book (or Calendar) of the past year.  Our daughter gets all the best photos of the grandkids from the year and puts them in our yearly book.  The grandkids love going through them with us too. Shutterfly is always having a good sale, so never pay full price. There are other companies that have these photo books too, but Shutterfly has always worked best for our needs.


A Fill-In-the-Blank Book.  One example is from the Knock-Knock Store. Each page prompts the writer to fill in what they love most about Grandma, Grandpa or whoever.  They are very sweet and only $10.


Our most favorite gift came a few years ago for Christmas and is still used Every. Single. Day. The Skylight Frame. This amazing photo frame allows our children to send us photos throughout the week of the kids. We have it in our living room so we can see the photos throughout the day. Skylight even sends them messages if they haven’t sent one recently.  I love that they are nudged by Skylight so I don’t have to do it.  This makes a great group gift. It automatically uploads the photos, so as long as the grandparent have wifi access, they do not need any other knowledge to get it to work for them. Super simple!


A personalized blanket.  When the grandkids can’t be here, I can wrap myself in this cozy blanket with all their names.  Hey, what about Millie?  We need a new one with our latest granddaughter on it. (I hope my children read this). These are all over the internet, many options to choose from.


The kids had professional photos done last year and had them framed by Framebridge.  The quality is outstanding. They had many options to choose from with different mats and colors. You can also provide your child’s artwork to frame.

Looking at the list, you could say that personalized gifts are some of my most favorite and memorable.

Happy Holidays!



With two of my five grandbabies

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