Take advantage of the spring weather with a trip to Purgatory Chasm!

Purgatory Chasm is a perfect spot for a family hike! We visited Purgatory Chasm twice in 2020, because my daughters love to climb on rocks when we go for nature walks and hikes. I am now kicking myself for not bringing them to Purgatory Chasm earlier!

man carrying toddler in hiking backpack

The Chasm Loop Trail has the rock formations that this state park is famous for. Small caves, huge rocks to climb over and around and beautiful scenes as you work your way down the chasm. This is a short trail only .5 miles, and it is very doable with a family. We went with my

husband who carried our two year old in a backpack. That was a bit tricky in spots, but our five year old easily hiked through without help.

The Charley Loop trail is a bit longer but is a more traditional woodsy trail. We were with a family who had an infant in a carrier and it was a much safer choice. This was also a beautiful hike with old trees and would be especially beautiful in the fall foliage.

girl sliding down large rock

By the parking lots, there is a large rock that kids enjoy sliding down. Pro tip: dress them in durable pants or bring a second pair of pants. (Yes, my daughter put a big hole in the butt of her pants sliding down the rock face).

Check the trail maps to pick the trail best for your family.

There are features like pavilions, a playground, picnic tables and grills so that families can make a day of this hike.

Parking is $5 for MA vehicles, $20 for non-residents through October 31.
The park closes in the winter due to slippery conditions.
Purgatory Chasm State Reservation


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