WCKC Hikes: Moore State Park, Paxton (Cover Photo By Joe Santa Maria at killtheball.com). This was more of a nature walk than a true hike because of the weather. On a recent rainy day we had had enough of being cooped up at home, so we took a rain walk. We don’t melt in the rain, and if I had to mediate one more argument about whether or not someone sat too close to someone else on the couch, I might have lost it. So clearly it was time to get the kids outside! Rain coats and a stroller did the trick and we drove over to Moore State Park in Paxton to check out what improvements have been made since the recent construction there.

We chose to take a nature walk down to the old mill. It is the easiest, shortest trail most accessible by stroller. However, what I love about this easy walk is that it brings you by the pond, waterfalls and to a nice picnic area. Perfect visual “rewards” for the little ones.

WCKC Photo

The new improvements were noticeable immediately. The new covered bridge was gorgeous and decked out with new Adirondack chairs in front of the pond. We noticed new handicap parking down by the pond to make the area accessible to those with handicaps as well.

By the pond, we saw lots of frogs hopping along the edge. There was a young boy with a small butterfly net trying to catch frogs and other wildlife. Looked like great fun; we will have to bring our nets next time.

Trails to Explore

Azalea Path. Go to the Old Mill and then pick up the Azalea Path back to the parking lot. This continues to be a pretty easy path, but it is not paved like Sawmill Rd to the Old Mill. It is a bit more tricky with a stroller though.

girl in a tree

Photo by Joe Santa Maria Killtheballmedia.com

Stairway Loop Trail. We haven’t done this one yet, but with the construction, I noticed it much more readily. It looks like a pretty wooded trail next to the pond. I love loop trails through the woods. This is definitely on our list.

Davis Hill Field Trail. We have played in the fields and taken beautiful photos in the fields but not fully completed this field trail. There are lots of options to add on to this path and extend this hike by picking up the Davis Rd Trail.

Definitely check out their park trail map to plan out your own hikes.

Moore State Park 

1 Sawmill Rd
Paxton, MA
(508) 792-3969

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