Appetizers, pizza, dessert? Check out these unique grilling recipes!

Time to get that outdoor grilling ready, but are you ready to move on from the steaks, burgers and chicken? Check out our ideas and recipes for whipping up some conventional dinners in a new and unique way.

Appetizing Appetizers.
Looking to cook up small tidbits rather than a huge meal? Grilling is great for chicken or steak skewers served with dipping sauce. Or how about grilled quesadillas, mini chicken wings or meatballs? Or try making your own salsa. The possibilities are endless.

What’s For Dinner? How About Pizza?
Super easy, quick and delicious! Grilled pizza is tasty and a big hit with just about everyone. If you have some experience throwing a wheel, pick up some raw pizza dough from the grocer and spin it so it’s nice and thin. Grill one side, then flip over and top with veggies, meat and cheese of your choice. If you’re not so inclined to deal with raw dough, grab a pre-made pizza crust (think Boboli), cover with your favorite toppings and grill on low heat until the cheese is melted. Delish! Click here for tips, techniques and grilled pizza recipes.

Grilled Paninis Anyone?
Who says you need a fancy sandwich press to create the perfect panini? Your grill works just fine as long as you have a heavy weight to keep your sandwich firmly set on the grates (a cast iron skillet works best). And, just like grilling pizza, the sandwich ingredients are limitless. Ham, brie and honey mustard? How about buffalo chicken and bleu cheese? Even a plain ‘ol grilled cheddar cheese sando sounds great. Need a vegetarian option? Try this delicious sounding tomato, basil and fresh mozzarella version.

Don’t Forget About Dessert.
Fruits grill surprisingly well and are healthy to boot. Try peaches, pears, plums, banana or pineapple for grilled fruit kabobs.  If you want them a little sweeter, dip them in sugar and grill until the fruit caramelizes. Top them with ice cream or frozen yogurt, so good! Not sure where to start? Here are some grilled dessert ideas and recipes to get you going.

How about some grilled donuts? This one looks delicious. Buy some store bought donuts and go to town. Check out the recipe and ideas for dipping sauces here.

Have some grilling recipe favorites of you own? Share them here—we love finding new and exciting options for our outdoor cooktop! Bon appétit!

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