Kids Craft: iSpy Treasure in a Bottle

Here’s another idea which will occupy your little ones for quite a while (love that!).

The fun starts with hunting around the house for fun objects that will fit inside the bottle. Look for small toys, legos, plastic insects, beads…anything that can fit through the opening is fair game. Once it’s all in there and filled with rice, it turns into an I-Spy game.

If you are really feeling industrious, make up a bingo like chart with a square for each item and have your kids mark off each one as they find it!

What You’ll Need:
  • Plastic beverage bottle with screw top
  • Small objects and trinkets (i.e. small toys, beads, acorns)
  • Rice
  1. Remove the label from the bottle and make sure it’s completely dry inside.
  2. Gather trinkets and put them in the bottle. Then add uncooked rice to fill the bottle two thirds of the way and tightly screw on the cap. Shake well to conceal the objects. (Tip: Objects such as coins and pebbles tend to gravitate into the middle, while lightweight plastic beads and buttons are easier to spot).
  3. Now twist and turn the toy to see how many treasures you can spot inside.

The best part about this activity is that the pieces you use can all go back to their original home. Nothing gets ruined forever by glue or paint. Happy hunting!

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