The Amazing Bee Corn Maze! Opens 9/11

The Lanni Orchards Amazing Bee Corn Maze is over 3 acres. This maze is an interactive maze where the kids and adults can have a fun time trying to figure out the different clues in the maze. These clues also help you figure out how to get out!

Throughout the farm stand and around the the farm, they will have bee information and quick facts about bees.

Tickets must be purchased in advance because of Covid19 protocols. This will ensure that everyone is spaced out and staying with their group. Groups can not be larger then 10 people. Ten people include adults & children older then 3 yrs. Masks are required, children 4 & under masks are optional.

Tickets are not refundable, so make sure before you purchase if you have any questions please email them at or call between 9 am to 6 pm Mon-Fri.

If for some reason Covid19 or a tragic weather event destroys the corn maze, they would issue you a gift card for the exact amount that you paid for the corn maze minus any fees. This gift card never expires and could be used in the farm stand, for pyo or any other event.

Adults: $12
Children over age 3: $10

Tickets here.

Lanni Orchards
295 Chase Rd (Route 13)
Lunenburg MA

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