Take Flight with Endless Adventure at Urban Air Adventure Park

Urban Air Adventure Park in BellinghamUrban Air Adventure Park Trampolines

Step into the exciting world of Urban Air Adventure Park in Bellingham, MA – where the fun never stops! Calling all parents seeking a break from the ordinary: prepare for a day of non-stop thrills and laughter that’ll have your adventurers talking for weeks. From bouncing on trampolines to conquering the warrior course, scaling climbing walls, and zooming down zip lines, there’s no shortage of heart-pounding fun here. After a day at Urban Air, we could understand why it was an “air” adventure park. Because there was no shortage of activities that kept you flying high.

TrampolinesUrban Air Adventure Park Trampolines

We started at the trampolines where the kids had a blast running, jumping, flipping and more. There was plenty of space and fun landing pads to jump onto. The trampolines were spread out around the park, and they enjoyed the dodgeball arena, and the “pro zone” for practicing different tricks. The battle beam was also amidst the trampolines. The kids battled each other until one fell into the pit below.

Warrior Course Urban Air Adventure Park Warrior Course

The five year old was just tall enough for the Warrior Course (41 in requirement) due to the 3 ft of balls in the pit below the course! The kids swung on trapezes, climbed across ropes and attempted to conquer this (very difficult) warrior course. But regardless of the challenge, there was lots of laughter and fun.

Tubes Playground

The girls spent the most time in the tubes playground (height maximum 52 in). They went down slides, climbed through tubes and scaled nets through the maze. This looked like a ton of fun and was probably my five year old’s favorite attraction at this indoor adventure park.

Sky Rider

This was the favorite activity of the two older kids – both aged 9. This was a zip line-like activity. The kids strap into harnesses and climb up to the starting point of the orange zip line. Then they give you a little push and you zip around in a circle around the ceiling of the indoor adventure park. The kids loved the view from above and found it to be quite thrilling. They repeated this activity multiple times. But beware that this attraction is popular, and a line definitely forms on busy days!

Ropes Course Urban Air Adventure Ropes Course

You wait in the same line for the ropes course as you do for the sky rider. After you put on your harness, you choose your attraction – ropes course or sky rider. The ropes course is a challenging path of ropes, balance beams and more – but kids are of course strapped in by harness. Kids can weave, climb and race their way around this high-flying obstacle course.

Climbing Walls

Urban Air Adventure Park Climbing Walls

The last attraction that the kids tried was the climbing walls. Although not tall enough for the ropes course or sky rider, the five year old did meet the 41 inch height requirement for the climbing walls. All three kids scaled (or attempted to scale) the various rock walls and challenges in that section. I loved how this challenge really fueled their self-confidence and allowed them to safely try new obstacles! Lots of proud kiddos after this event.


Urban Air Adventure Park in Bellingham, MA, proved to be an absolute blast for families seeking an unforgettable day of excitement and laughter. With a wide range of activities from bouncing on trampolines to swinging through the warrior course to sliding through tunnels on the playgrounds, there was never a dull moment. Each attraction provided its own unique thrills and challenges, ensuring that every member of the family had a fantastic time.

Urban Air Adventure Park

189 Mechanic St
Bellingham, MA

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