Hubbardston Annual “Light Fight”!

Hubbardston Annual “Light Fight”! Take a drive to Hubbardston and experience this colorful holiday tradition. Residents compete for bragging rights and gift cards for the best decked out house. And they really go all out. Families from all over Massachusetts go to the small town to see the lights!

The event runs for three weekends only–December 1, 2, 3 December 8, 9, 10 and December 15, 16,17 from 5-9pm!

Follow the road listing to see all the entries, and you can even vote for your favorite light display! There are 3 categories this year: Traditional/Classic display, Go Big or Stay Home display and the Brightest Bulb Business Category. Who will be the winner this year? Your vote counts!

Also, pop into one of the Hubbardston stores that are opening up special or running specials during the event! Get some great food or maybe even some shopping done.

Paper maps and listings will be at One Stop Shop (Mr. Mikes gas station) in the center of Hubbardston.

Check the Town of Hubbardston Website for your link to vote.

Hubbardston Annual “Light Fight”
Hubbardston MA
December 1-3, December 8-10, and December 15-17 from 5-9pm

Looking for more area lights? See the Red Apple Farm Winter Lights! Runs through 12/31!

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    1. Mary Clark

      We took the opportunity to come from neighboring Rutland to see the lights on Sunday, 12/16. We never found 7 Main St. which I see now is the police station. We found the online map difficult to follow, saw some of the signs after the fact as they were in the dark, missed two places- Broberg Insurance Group and Ladybug Farm, were unable to safely turn around in the dark so traveled extra miles to get to the next stop. Going out Ragged Hill Road we found ourselves in Gardner and took Route 68 back to Pitcherhill Rd. Although we did not expect much shopping, we found everything closed or at least uninviting including Plainview Farm and Hubb Town Diner. We had wanted to check out Giacomo’s and found the door locked but Laurie graciously invited us in, gave us a tour, and we left with some scrumptious food that saved a rainy, dark, and stressful night of driving around town.

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