Fall Swim Lessons at Worcester Fitness! All Ages 6 Months+!

Fall Swim Lessons begin on September 12! Sign up begins on 8/23! Programs for ages 6 months +.

Worcester Fitness Swim Academy combines the results-oriented, small class effectiveness of our existing swim lesson program with a host of features and premium options.

The Swim Academy takes swimming lessons to a whole new level with educational training, special events and integrated performance training.

The Swim Academy at Worcester Fitness is organized into three groupings according to your child’s age, level of independence, and swimming ability: Parent & Child, Preschool and Youth.

With class schedules in the daytime, evenings and weekends, our team is ready to get you or your children comfortable in the pool at your convenience. PLUS, the academy offers a brand new, premium services, monthly Swim Academy membership.

Parent & Child Academy
Ages 6 months – Age 4

Preschool Academy
Ages 3-5

Youth Academy
Ages 6+

Adaptive Swim Program
All ages. A fun and less restrictive environment for those who learn differently

Private Swim Lessons
All ages

Worcester Fitness Flyers Swim Team
Take your swimming to the next level with this competitive swim program.


Swim Academy Schedule

September 12th – October 23rd
6-week session $150
REGISTRATION • August 23rd

October 31st – December 11th
6-week session $150
REGISTRATION • October 18th

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Worcester Fitness Swim 
440 Grove Street, Worcester MA

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