Stuck Inside? 5 Family Movies to Watch

We’ve compiled some movies that won’t make parents cringe but will be fun for the kids to watch too. Where it can be streamed for free is included in the description. But they can also be bought or rented on a Amazon Video

Stuck Inside? 5 Family Movies to Watch

1.) Encanto – I know this movie is everywhere but the music, message and beautiful scenery is great for kids and parents alike. It is animated with catchy tunes for the youngest but the messages that Louisa and Abuela share are perfect for teenagers and adults too. Streaming on Disney+. The other new titles on Disney+ Raya and Luca are also hits in our house with adults and kids.

2.) Free Willy – this classic was a favorite of mine growing up. you are probably familiar with the story of the boy who wants to help free this orca from its menacing predators, but it will be brand new to the kids. Parents will love the nostalgia factor and kids will fall in love with the friendly, cute orca. It is streaming on Netflix.
Bonus titles: Looking for other millennial nostalgia family films? The Karate Kid and The Sandlot are streaming on Hulu. If my kids aren’t into watching those, I might be flipping them on after they are in bed. How did I forget about these titles?

3.) Trolls World Tour – okay I was pretty sick of the music from Trolls because my kids had dance parties to that sound track on repeat. (Just me?) but I love how there are so many different sounds and genres to the music on the World Tour soundtrack. Fun music and bright animations engage the little ones. Streaming on Hulu. The original one is streaming also for a movie marathon opportunity.

4.) Abominable – was a bit of a sleeper animated film – not many people were talking about it when it came out in 2019. But the reviews are over 80% on rotten tomatoes! My daughters love this film, but it is definitely beautiful and sweet – good for grown ups as well. Streaming on Hulu.

5.) Paddington – Pair the classic book  with its major motion feature by the same name. Released in 2014, this film caught the hearts of many viewers young and old. I love the London setting and the feel good notes to the storyline. This is not an animated film but there is a stuffed bear wandering around a major city so it has some animated vibes. Streaming on Netflix.

Bonus for purchase: Sing 2 is in theaters now but it can also be purchased On Demand for $25.

What family movies do you like to watch when stuck inside? Tell us in comments below.
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