Staying Home for NYE: Ideas for a Family Celebration

Staying Home for NYE: Ideas for a Family Celebration

I remember loving New Years Eve as a kid because we played family games, made s’mores in the fireplace and drank Shirley temples. It was simple and we didn’t stay up until midnight but it was a night of family fun that I look back fondly on.

Here are some elements and suggestions to make your own family fun for a stay at home NYE!
  1. Make the menu together! Cook or bake some family favorites. Growing up, we always did easy finger foods to pick at all evening: mozzarella sticks, potato skins etc. With my young kids, we make home made pizza, and the kids help cook. Topped off with a special dessert like a s’more or sundae and you’ve got a special celebratory tone just with the food.

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  2. The countdown. Will you stay up until midnight to watch the ball drop or will you do a makeshift countdown on Netflix (we do this with my kids) or a virtual countdown?
  3. Activities. I love this idea of popping balloons and doing the activity inside. Activities suggested include painting with shaving cream, having a thumb war, singing, sharing favorite memories etc.
  4. Crafts. My kids are crazy for crafting right now. I think we are going to make this fun count down clock
  5. The dress. Do nails, put on temporary tattoos or make party hats. Dress up for a fancy family night or do a pajama party.
  6. The decorations. Deck out the table with confetti poppers (you could even make your own!), noisemakers, hats, balloons etc.
  7. Competition. Nothing says a party like some stiff competitions. Minute to win it games are fun, fast and these are family friendly or try these which are NYE specific!

Are you staying in for NYE?  What are your plans? Tell us about it in comments below.

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