Southborough Native Launches New Otherworld Pancakes!

Southborough Native Launches New Otherworld Pancakes!

Southborough Native Jen Ballen and co-founder Joe Magliano have just launched their Otherworld Line of Plant-Based, Superfood Packed, Climate Conscious Pancake and Waffle Mixes. Their pancakes and waffles are the healthiest and most convenient way to enjoy a superfood-packed breakfast. WCKC has tried them, they are not only healthy, but DELICIOUS! And so easy to make!

About Otherworld

Otherworld, the new plant-based food innovator dedicated to human and health, launched their first line of superfood-packed pancake and waffle mixes. These mixes reimagine childhood favorites with a nutritious and planet-friendly focus. The pancake and waffle mixes are made with upcycled ingredients and packed with fruits, vegetables, whole grains and superfoods. Otherworld is a universe where nostalgic flavor, convenience and tradition meet forward-thinking food.

Co-founders and breakfast (and breakfast-for-dinner) enthusiasts Jen Ballen and Joe Magliano
founded Otherworld with the mission to spark joy through uncompromisingly delicious,
nutritious, good-for-the-planet food. Jen shares, “While bringing Otherworld to life, we watched
countless kids enthusiastically eat beets and cauliflower for breakfast, and adult after adult revel
with joy as they ate their beloved nostalgic breakfast with a nutrition profile they felt proud of.”
Traditionally, pancake or waffle mixes contain milk, butter, eggs and sugar. Not anymore!

Co-founders Jen Ballen and Joe Magliano

What we love about Otherworld

We recently did a taste test with the Banana Chocolate Chip mix.  The kids had no idea that they were eating a healthy, plant-based pancake.  Why tell them? They are so easy to make, the kids could get involved. Seriously, these are really, really good. Since our taste test, we’ve had them several times for lunch and dinner too! (Want to try them? See the WCKC discount code below).

otherworld pancake

So easy-just add water!

Four nutrient-dense flavors:
  • Original: features whole grains, dates, and zucchini
  • Apple Cinnamon: features whole grains, dates, apple, cinnamon and sweet potato
  • Banana Chocolate Chip: features whole grains, dates, banana and cauliflower
  • Chocolate: features whole grains, dates, beetroot, cacao and reishi
The Otherworld Team

The Otherworld team includes some of the best chefs and registered dieticians in the world including Dan Guisti, former head chef of Noma, the world’s best restaurant, Brooke Siem, former chef at WD~50 and Chopped champion, and Mike McDonnough, R.D. at NY Presbyterian Hospital. The team created fully plant-based mixes that never compromise on flavor or texture. The
convenient just-add-water formula produces flavor-packed, light and fluffy pancakes and waffles
that contain no added sugar, artificial ingredients, nuts or soy. In addition, the team focused on
what they should include to boost the nutrition and enhance the flavor of their mixes.


Sustainability is at the core of everything Otherworld does, from product to packaging to
shipping. Otherworld’s mixes go beyond plant-based, including eight upcycled ingredients which
actively reduce food waste and avoid excess land and water use. Their colorful metal tins are
made with recycled content and are 100% recyclable, meaning they can be recycled directly in
your curbside bins. Plus, Otherworld partners with Cloverly to offset shipping carbon emissions
and Planet Fwd to measure and reduce its overall carbon footprint.
Whether you’re Team Pancake or Team Waffle, Otherworld is proud to introduce an option that
everyone can feel good about eating. Joe adds, “We shouldn’t have to choose between joyful
traditions, protecting our planet and properly fueling our bodies. Otherworld never compromises,
so you don’t have to either.”

Worcester Central Kids Calendar fans can get 15% off all products with special link: EatotherworldWCKCdiscountcode

Learn more about Otherworld:
Join the breakfast club on Instagram: @eatotherworld.

Otherworld Pancakes

Credit: Otherworld

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