Small Ways to Celebrate Kids on Valentine’s Day

Small Ways to Celebrate Kids on Valentine’s Day

We often associate Valentine’s Day with romantic gestures and expressions of love between partners, but it’s also a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the pure and innocent love that children bring into our lives. However, celebrating Valentine’s Day with children doesn’t require grand gestures. Instead, it’s the small, thoughtful moments that can make a lasting impact. So, we have gathered some practical and heartfelt ways for parents and caregivers to celebrate kids on this special day.

Six Valentine’s Day Ideas!
  1. Creating Handmade Cards Together: Encourage creativity by crafting handmade Valentine’s Day cards with your children. Provide them with art supplies like colored paper, markers, stickers, and glitter to let their imaginations take over. This not only fosters creativity but also allows them to express their love in a personal and unique way. Just be prepared for the glitter explosion that might turn your living room into a sparkling wonderland. Creating Valentine’s Day craft gifts together can be fun too!
  2. Sweet Treats and Baking Fun: Transform your kitchen into a battlefield of flour and giggles with a baking session. Whether it’s heart-shaped cookies or cupcakes, decorating the cupcakes, cookies or other sweet treat is the fun part. And, we have found the more sprinkles, the better, even if they end up on the ceiling. Or check out these treats, which look especially yummy!
  3. Family Movie Night: Choose a heartwarming family movie and make it a cozy movie night at home. Prepare some popcorn – add red and pink sprinkles for a festive look, dim the lights, and snuggle up together under a blanket. May we suggest a “love story” theme for the movie night: Lady and the Tramp, Gnomeo and Juliet, The Princess Bride, Parent Trap, or Enchanted would all make good choices!
  4. Love Notes and Surprises: Hide little love notes around the house for your children to discover throughout the day. These notes can be simple expressions of love and encouragement. Additionally, consider leaving small surprises or treats along with the notes to add an element of excitement to the day. My kids LOVE a scavenger hunt – turn the love notes into a fun scavenger hunt for extra fun.
  5. Nature Walk and Heart Hunt: Take a stroll in the park or around your neighborhood and turn it into a heart-hunting adventure. Look for heart-shaped leaves, rocks, or even clouds. Collect some heart shaped rocks to paint (or not) after the walk.
  6. Valentine’s Day Story time: Libraries are great at curating Valentine’s Day books. Pick up some of those books at your local library or local book store. Here are some on-theme Valentine’s Day books to try out: Happy Valentine’s Day Mouse by Laura Numeroff, Hedgehugs by Steve Wilson and Lucy Trapper, I Love You, Because I Love You by Muon Thi Van or Zombie in Love by Kelly DiPucchio.

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful occasion to celebrate the love that fills our homes through the laughter and joy of our children.

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