Shrewsbury has a Secret Garden. But you don’t need to keep it a secret!

Want to surprise and delight the kids with a trip to Shrewsbury’s secret garden? Local resident, Chief Joseph, welcomes everyone to his enchanted garden and .4 mile whimsical trail on his property. You will find statues, sculptures, inspiring quotes and so much more. If there is a breeze, you will hear the wind chimes. Bring a book, take a book.  You will even find a Free Library on the trails.

The main trail takes you from one Shrewsbury neighborhood along a pond to another neighborhood.  If you aren’t paying attention, you will miss the side trail (near the bridge) that takes you to a friendly forest of paths and friends. We loved the crushed colorful glass that covered the forest floor in this section. The pretty sight and the sounds of the crunch were such a surprise.

There weren’t many people on the trail when we visited but someone told us that it has grown a lot since they were there a few years ago.  It appears the artist has added paths and new sculptures.

Note: Springtime can bring muddy conditions. Boots might be a good choice for the kids!

Main Trail
Park Sign

Entrance you’ll see from the road

Shrewsbury Secret Garden

Main Trail Entrance



Main Trail Along the Pond

secret garden bench


Beautiful Benches Throughout


Fish Sculpture

Little Free Library

They could use some books~

Side Trail
Shrewsbury Secret Garden

Humpty Dumpty-Before his fall.

Shrewsbury Secret Garden

Whimsical Seating Throughout

Shrewsbury Secret Garden

Lots of water features



shrewsbury secret garden bear

A spot to rest

secret garden


How to get there:

Plug in 2 Stoney Hill Rd, Shrewsbury into your GPS. There is free street parking at the entrance.

We hope you enjoy the Shrewsbury Secret Garden as much as we do! Looking for more great family hiking/walking trails?  See our WCKC Hikes Page.

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    22 Responses

    1. A. Wilson

      What a wonderful way to spend a morning! It is whimsical, rustically artistic and thought provoking. Nature at it’s best and so peaceful with children making gleeful sounds about their new found discoveries. Loved every minute of the nature walk always a path to explore or a sound of a waterfall to follow. So many sculptures and the whimsical fairy garden to explore. Let your imagination go wild.
      Lived in Shrewsbury for quite a few years and this was a wonderful discovery.

      The Wilsons

      1. Pam Murphy

        Thank you so much for letting me and my daughter and granddaughter in this magical walk!!! it was beautiful and so peaceful!! this crazy world needs more of these types of places! it’s a scary world and we all felt safe here. thank you again!!!

      1. Fran Cournoyer

        Hi Colleen, We haven’t been there since the snow has fallen, so I’m not sure if the paths are walkable. If you go, let us know! Thanks for reaching out!

      1. WCKC

        We didn’t see any signs indicating that dogs are not allowed. We did see a dog on a leash this morning with their owners.

    2. Vanessa

      BEAUTIFUL PLACE. We have been there too many times and still find new things. Love the chimes and the amaizing art work. It is a happy place for the soul.
      Vanessa, Minas and Azul

    3. Marnie Frankian

      Hello! What a fun and beautiful spot!

      On the first part of the trail, on the left near the pond, some Purple Loosestrife is growing. It is highly invasive and each plant bears millions of seeds. It is very difficult to dig up bc you have to get the whole root system , or it takes hold again.

      One way to deter spread is to clip off all the flowers before they seed and throw them away in a plastic bag. Eventually the plant can invade and take over ponds and wetlands, as it has no known “predators.”

      It’s probably elsewhere at the garden, but I just wanted to alert you to what I saw!

    4. Nancy R

      Does the garden take donations in the form of once loved statues? We have one that meant a lot to Gramma but not as much to us, we hate to just toss it, as others may enjoy it.

    5. Kathy McGrath

      This garden is so soothing to the soul, heart and mind. Thank you for opening it up to visitors. I am very grateful. It’s the BEST place to stroll through and gain a sense of calm and Serenity. I’m amazed by this fairy garden!

    6. Cathy S

      I’ve been there twice this week, once with a friend and once with 2 grandsons… Had wonderful experiences both times… leisure time with friend as well as exciting adventurous times with the grandsons, such a wonderful place, and everyone should experience it once thank you so much for making such a wonderful place available to the public and best of all at no charge … fun for both young and…older!!

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