Upcoming Sensory-Friendly movie schedules at Showcase Cinemas & O’Neil Cinemas!

On special days during the month, local theaters are offering special viewing times designed for guests of any age who experience sensory processing issues, as well as their families and friends.

To provide a sensory-sensitive environment, we will make the following adjustments to the auditorium:

  • Volume will be reduced.
  • Lights will remain dim throughout the movie.
  • No trailers will play prior to the film.
  • All films will be presented in 2D.
  • Guests may get up, move around, dance, cheer, clap, sing or otherwise engage with the movie presentation.
  • Guests may bring fidgets, small blankets, or other items that will allow them to feel more comfortable.
Upcoming Movies at Showcase Cinemas
  • February 1: Doolittle
  • March 7: Onward

Showcase Cinemas Sensory-Friendly Screenings
First Saturday of the Month; 10:00am
Sensory Friendly locations include Blackstone Valley, Randolph, Revere and Warwick

Upcoming Movies at O’Neil Cinemas

All shows are at 10:00am

  • January 25: Doolittle
  • February 22: Sonic the Hedgehog
  • March 14: Onward
  • April 4: Mulan

O’Neil Cinemas Sensory-Friendly Screenings
The Point 8
1208 Constitution Avenue, Littleton MA
(978) 506-5089

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