This summer is flying by and that means school and school lunches are right around the corner. Here are some great follows and resources to (realistically) jazz up the lunch box. I have tried being a Pinterest inspired Bento Box mom with the lunch boxes, and it is unsuccessful, so I turn to these practical moms to help inspire me in this department. (Although at the end of the day, what’s the harm in another sun butter/peanut butter and jelly sandwich?).

Massachusetts has also announced that districts will be providing lunches free of charge forever!   *(All schools that participate in the National School Lunch Program provide free school meals. This includes all public schools and most charter schools in Massachusetts).


Yummy Toddler Food 

This instagram has great ideas for my preschooler. I love the picky eating advice because my three year old can be a challenge in this department. Her packed lunches look much prettier than mine, but at least the ideas are practical and usable!

Pretty Practical Mom 

This influencer has such relatable photos of food in lunch boxes. Some of the ideas I think, “huh what a great idea; I didn’t think of that!” And other photos, I think “oh good, it’s not just me that packs lunches like this for my kids.”

Kid Lunch Box

I don’t know why but the labels on these photos are so satisfying. Just me? I saw one post with Waffle Fingers and Hazelnut Butter for dipping. YUM! This follow has great bento box ideas but also shares lunch plate photos as well.

Things My Kids Won’t Eat

The handle for this instagram account cracks me up. It’s 100% how I feel some mornings packing their lunches. Again, lots of great lunch box ideas and Bento Box ideas in this feed. More practical, healthy foods that my kids might actually eat for lunch.


Bentos By Mickie 

These are beautiful, yummy looking lunches shared TikTok style. For the record, I love the look of Bento Boxes but I actually don’t ever use them. I just portion them into small containers and put it into a traditional lunch box. This TikTok user does lunch themes which I don’t think I could pull off, but they are very satisfying to watch.

Winny Hayes

This is a combination lunch box ideas and “what my kids eat in a day” Tik Tok account. Yummy ideas, but probably a bit more adventurous than where my children are at right now. Aspirational.


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