The Seacoast Science Center environmental day camp camp gets kids outdoors, learning about nature through fun, hands-on activities. Located in Odiorne Point State Park, lessons incorporate the rich natural and historic resources of the Park and the Gulf of Maine. Indoors, the Center’s live animal and hands-on exhibits reinforce lessons on current ocean science.

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2021 Summer Schedule
Treks 4 Tots (age 3 ½ – 5) and Seaside Safari (grades K-5)

Sessions run from 9am-3pm or 9am-12pm (half-day option). Drop-off begins at 8:30am; there is no after-care for Treks.

Sessions 1 and 10 are available by the day. Session 3 is a 4-day session.

Daily Cost: $58 members, $64 non-members (sessions 1 and 10 only)
Half-day Daily Cost: $38 members, $43 non-members (sessions 1 and 10 only)
Full Week Full-day Cost: $290 members, $320 non-members
Full Week Half-day Cost: $190 members, $215 non-members
Session 3 (4 days) Full-day Cost: $232 members, $256 non-members
Session 3 (4 days) Half-day Cost: $152 members, $172 non-members
Pre- and After-care: pre-care $10 daily, 7:30am-8:30am, after-care $12 daily, 3pm-5:30pm

Every session begins with a getting-to-know-you activity, followed by an introduction of the day’s schedule and lessons. Campers should always come prepared to go outside, however, during inclement weather we focus on indoor activities.

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Weekly Themes

SESSION 1  (by day or week) June 20-24  Ship’s Ahoy! Register
Big boats, small boats, sailboats, speedboats—so many kinds of boats! Join us as we learn about awesome ocean-faring vessels that ply the seven seas. How deep can a submarine go? What is the biggest boat in the world, and how does it stay afloat? Come find out, and create your own replica boat to take home!

SESSION 2  June 27-July 1  Living the Life on the Rocky Shore Register
To the tide pools we go, searching for sea stars, urchins, crabs and more! We’ll find out how life begins for these amazing creatures and learn how they develop and survive as they get older. Do you know young barnacles float around before finding the perfect rock to call home?

SESSION 3 (short week due to holiday) July 5-8 Super Science Experiments! Register
4-day Cost: $232 members, $256 non-members

What can you do to help our planet and its ocean stay healthy? Come find out! We’ll get hands-on with ‘green’ projects, such as constructing solar ovens, making recycled paper, and other fun projects. Campers will work on ‘eco-skits’ with their group and at the end of the week we’ll put on a show, parents and friends invited!

SESSION 4  July 11-15  Have to Have a Habitat Register
Every living thing has a special place to call home. We’ll explore the different habitats of Odiorne Point State Park, from the rocky shore to the seaside forest. Come design your own micro-habitat in a tide pool and build a shelter out of natural materials in the woods. What kinds of things are needed to make a good home? Join us and find out!

SESSION 5  July 18-22  Something Fishy, Something Blubbery Register
Through exciting activities and games, we’ll discover what makes a shark a fish, and a whale a marine mammal. Dive into amazing facts about these two distinct groups of ocean animals and hear what SSC is doing to help protect them. As a fun project, you’ll create your own imaginary fish or marine mammal, perfectly adapted for life at sea.

SESSION 6  July 25-29  Rocky Shore, Sandy Beach Register
Let’s investigate life on the rocky shore vs. the sandy beach. Why is it easier to find animals and seaweeds among the rocks? What kind of animals make holes in the sand? Dig in with us and find out! We’ll break out our nets and see what creatures we can catch, before returning them safely back to their home.

SESSION 7  August 1-5  Our Changing Planet! Register
The earth is warming up, faster now than in the past. We’ll take a close look at why this is happening and hear how people from around the globe are putting on their thinking caps to create more environmentally-friendly ways of doing things, like making electricity from tidal motion. Put on your own thinking cap and build a model that uses wind, solar or water energy!

SESSION 8  August 8-12  Animal Facts Club Artist in Residency Programs Register
Join artists and naturalists from the Animal Facts Club (AFC) to create marine animal puppets and props to be featured in a series of creative videos to be produced by AFC at the Center. Bring your imagination and be part of the fun! Video shorts that teach about Gulf of Maine ecology will be shown at a VIP screening. It’s a perfect blend of art and science!

SESSION 9  August 15-19  Lighthouses, Legends, Pirates and More! Register
Through fun hands-on activities, we will discover the fascinating history of our seacoast. From the Native Americans who gathered food along the coast long ago, to the lobsterman hauling traps today, we’ll take a salty trip through time. On Friday, we’ll dedicate the day to all things PIRATE!

SESSION 10 (by day or week) August 22-26  Tide Pool Extravaganza! Register
Odiorne’s shore has dozens of tide pools waiting to be explored. Get up close and personal with crabs, sea stars, periwinkles and more! We’ll discover some of the amazing adaptations that these animals use to survive in an ever-changing environment. Design your own imaginary tide pool creature, complete with its own special adaptations

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For More Information
For more information visit our website or contact Henry Burke at 603-436-8043, ext. 16 or

To Register
Campers must register in advance. Space is limited and sessions fill fast! Register online or find a printable brochure and registration form online and mail to Seacoast Science Center, 570 Ocean Blvd., Rye, NH 03870.

Members of the Center are entitled to discounted prices. Visit our membership page or join when you register to take advantage of the savings right away.

Seacoast Science Center
570 Ocean Blvd., Rye NH 03870


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