PYO Summer Fruit Farms

Local PYO Summer Fruit Farms. It’ll be a few more months before apples are in season, however June, July and August months are the perfect time for picking peaches and berries.

Ready to do this? I’ve got all the info you need below including peak seasons, a list of local pick-your-own farms and a few tips to make the experience last longer.

General Picking Peak Seasons
  • Strawberries: early-June through early-July
  • Cherries: June through July
  • Blueberries: early-July through early-August
  • Peaches: early to mid-August thru mid-September
  • Raspberries: early-August through September
  • Apples: mid-August through October.
Local Pick-Your-Own Farms


Blueberries & Raspberries:



It’s always a good idea to call ahead and inquire about picking conditions as crop availability can change daily.

How to make the experience last longer
Make a Game of It

Most kids will go straight for the lowest hanging fruit, so make a game of the “perfect pick”. Choose only the brightest raspberries, the fuzziest peaches or plumpest blueberries that the tree/bush has to offer.

Chow Time

Pack a picnic lunch or snacks and cop a squat in the orchard or a shaded grassy area for a scenic break.

Make a Day of It

Take advantage of the farm’s other activities. Many allow you to visit with the farm animals, walk along scenic trails, stay for a story hour and more. Check the farm’s website or Facebook page for upcoming activities.

Say Cheese

What’s more picturesque than your little darlings and a New England farm backdrop? Get them to stay still for a few shots by bribing them with cider donuts or other farmer’s market treats. Works every time. And don’t be shy, ask a passerby to take a family pic, you’ll be so happy you did.

Shun the Grocer

Hit up the farmer’s market and have your family help choose items to be used in preparing dinner. Most markets sell meat and produce, and some even have fresh pastas and herbs. Doesn’t get any fresher than that.

When you’re ready to hit up the farms, remember that the season for any particular fruit is no more than three or four weeks, so don’t delay if you are looking for something specific.

See you on the farm!



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