Play Therapy Study Looking for Local Parents (of Kids Ages 4-6)

Do you have young children ages 4-6? Would you like to take part in a play therapy study? Brenna Donahue, an undergraduate student is conducting a study in the Psychology Department at Clark University on the perceptions of caregivers, clinicians/play therapists, and teachers on the effectiveness and accessibility of play therapy (PT).



They are looking for parents, guardians, teachers and caregivers of 4 to 6 year- old children, who receive, or have or have not received Play Therapy, who are interested in completing an in-person or Zoom interview that will take about 45 minutes, as well as a preliminary survey that will take about 10 minutes. You will be compensated $15.00 after completing both the survey and the interview.

Participation is voluntary.  If you participate, you may decline to answer any questions that you do not wish to answer, and you can drop out of the study at any time. Your answers will remain confidential, which means that what you say during the interview will not be shared with anyone. Your decision to participate or not participate in this study will not affect your connection with Clark University.

Important Dates
  • Sign up deadline: October 31st, 2022
  • Interviews completed by: January 31st, 2023.
Please Contact:
  • Contact: Brenna Donahue, 774-392-1623,
  • Supervisor’s contact information: Dr. Ana Kamille Marcelo, Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology, 508-793-7261,

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