Tulips for pick your own in Hudson

Pick Your Own Tulips at Ferjulian’s Farm in Hudson

Pick Your Own Tulips at Ferjuoian’s Farm in HudsonFerjulian Farm

Tulip Picking has Begun at Ferjulian’s Farm in Hudson! Estimated dates of Tulip Picking in 2024: April 19 – May 5. In Hudson, a total of 300,000 tulips will bloom on their hillside in the last two weeks of April through the first week of May. The exact dates of picking will vary depending on Spring weather. For tulips, cloudy and cool weather is preferable as it extends their bloom season.

Reservations are required to pick tulips. One reservation includes as many people as will safely fit in one car and one dozen tulips must be picked per reservation. Parking is limited on the farm and reservations ensure that everyone has a parking spot and that the field is not crowded.

Tulip Pricing:

$20 / dozen$2 / stem (for increments outside of dozens)
*A minimum of one dozen tulips


The farm provides a basket/bucket for you upon arrival and set you free to pick as many tulips as you’d like! So, when you find a tulip that you want, reach down as close to the soil level as possible, grasp the stem and pull straight up.


Absolutely! Please guide your child to pick the whole stem by pulling from soil level and not just the tulip head.

Reservations required for PYO. Schedule your appointment here. 

About the Farm

Ferjulian’s is a 70-acre family owned and operated farm. For 82 years they have strived to grow top quality flowers, fruits and vegetables.

They are passionate about growing a wide selection of healthy and strong varieties of annuals and perennials. At the farm, planting begins in the greenhouses in January while Massachusetts is still frozen and continues right through the beginning of April. They open each season on Patriots’ Day to begin selling flowers.

Flower Cutting Garden

July 8 – October 6
200+ varieties; 2 acres
$17 / mason jar
$60 / basketAll are welcome to pick flowers from the cutting garden, a two-acre hillside planted with curated flower varieties that are especially for picking. It’s their hope that all who visit and walk the long rows of flowers would have a few peaceful moments to delight in the beauty of nature and bring home a gorgeous bouquet of hand-picked flowers to enjoy for the week to come.

Cutting garden hours: Mon – Sat: 9am – 5:45pm; Sun 12pm – 5:45pm

Farjulian’s Farm

7 Lewis Street
Hudson, MA 01749

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