Three Outdoor Scavenger Hunts!

Three Outdoor scavenger hunts! Guaranteed 45 minutes of peace!

Last week we moved to a new house. Ever tried packing up an entire house with two kids underfoot crying about being bored, hungry and bored?

We’re booooored. There’s nothing to doooooooo.

While I was hunting for my corkscrew, my gorgeous and brilliant BFF Jennifer (who was helping me pack, forever indebted) whipped up this A-MAZ-ING scavenger hunt list to keep the kids happy and entertained, but more importantly, time to pack in undisturbed peace.

Here’s what’s so impressive about the items she came up with for her list:

  • It included easy stuff for the kids to find, but not too easy
  • It required them to use their imagination
  • It called upon their creativity
  • They could work together as a team or have a separate competition
  • They LOVED IT. Loved it. Made her come up with lists for THREE more hunts.

So we were able to pack, they were outside having a blast, working together and creating memories.

Note: This activity isn’t just for packing. It also works great when you need to do laundry, reorganize your pantry or catch a full hour of The Real Housewives of Orange County uninterrupted. *Don’t judge.*

So, all you do is give them the list and send them out with a bucket. Scavenger hunt items can be modified for different age levels – but be sure to include the “four leaf clover”. That one takes FOREVER!

Keeping Kids Busy Scavenger Hunt lists!

Scavenger Hunt #1

 Something braided from grass
 An orange colored rock
 Something see-through
 Something shaped like a heart
 4 pieces of wood
 A penny head side up
 3 wild flowers (not from someone’s yard!)
 1 thing from 3 different trees
 A smooth rock
 A blade of grass that looks like a sword
 Something that reminds you of mom
 A four-leaf clover
 Something that smells good
 A red leaf

Scavenger Hunt #2

 A bottle cap
 Something you can recycle
 A yellow flower
 A shiny rock
 An acorn shell
 Something that makes you smile
 Something made from cloth
 Something you would find in a restaurant
 Something that is round
 Something that is your favorite color
 Something that reminds you of mom
 Something that makes noise when you shake it
 3 pieces of bark
 Something that feels soft

Scavenger Hunt #3

 A small toy that fits in your hand
 An orange leaf
 Something shaped like a star
 A signature from someone you know
 Something purple
 Something delicate (ask if you don’t know what that means!)
 2 pieces of litter
 A feather or something soft
 Something that starts with the first letter of your first name
 Something that you found next to a tree
 A perfectly round rock
 Something that feels cool in your hand
 A piece of string
 A hug for someone you love!


Let us know if you tried our three outdoor scavenger hunts and if you added anything to the list!

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