Our Top Ten Elf Ideas for 2023!

Love him or hate him.  Elf on the Shelf is hard to avoid if you have young kids. So we got to it. Here are our top 10 favorite Elf Ideas that we will be trying this year.

Every year, the Elf brings pajamas on Christmas Eve and says goodbye and brings an advent calendar on Dec 1. Other than that, I’m in panic mode looking for ideas at 8:30 each evening when my kids go to bed.

Here are some of my favorite suggestions to fall back on this year.

1. The Elf tried to bring a snowman back from the North Pole but whoops it melted. And no, I will not be putting the items in glycerin. This is LOW prep elf on the shelf ideas.

2. The Elf is hanging out in an empty box or laundry basket under the tree with a sign saying “Give to Get” or “make room for Christmas Presents.” I’ve seen this in several spots but it is #6 on this keep it simple list.

3. Elf on the shelf rides a caterpillar? We always have lots of apples in our fridge. This is a super easy idea for me, and the kids would get a kick out of it.

4. Floor is Lava is a favorite tv show and game in my house. How cute is this fun idea – and again, takes little to no prep.

5. Last year, I set up a small “tea party” between the Elf and a stuffie Rudolph we had. But your Elf could be besties with a favorite Barbie or action figure – what’s on top of the toy box?

6. I don’t want to clean up a big mess, so many of the bathroom “antics” I have seen floating around are out for me. But Elf Shaving looks low key!

7. When the kids discover Elf snow angels in rice in the dining room, they will be inspired to make their own snow angels I think…

8. Look at this elf clowning around! All you need are some Pom Poms (hello over stuffed craft buns), and a family photo. Hilarious.

9. We do not have two elves but our elf could easily play with another toy. Who is going to win? I’ll leave extra supplies out of my kids to play holiday how tic tac toe also!

10. I love this one because my kids are always drawing pics for our elf Twinkle. This gives them new purpose and a new audience for their drawing and note writing.

Just looking for some fun hiding spots? I like this bloggers vibe. No time for nonsense, easy hiding spots!

Good luck this holiday season! May you remember to move your elf each evening and not have any magic neutralizing accidents.

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