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Non Candy Options for Easter Eggs

Non Candy Options for Easter Eggs

Get ready to hop into the Easter spirit because the egg-citement is just around the corner! My children love egg hunts but it is tough to get into the spirit of egg hunting knowing they are going to beg for just one more jelly bean as the day goes on. We have had lots of fun finding other items that fit in Easter Eggs so that kids can still enjoy the hunt but without the sugar crash at the end. Check out our non candy options for easter eggs below!

When my oldest daughter was two, we bought extra large eggs and stuffed them with Sesame Street characters and Daniel Tiger characters. It was so fun for her that we did egg hunts all spring  – hiding the eggs and characters around the yard like a toddler version of hide and seek.  

Non Food Item Fillings
  1. Miniature plastic animals
  2. Squishy toys or stress balls
  3. Temporary tattoos
  4. Stickers (including puffy or scented varieties)
  5. Whistles or kazoo instruments
  6. Small rubber balls or bouncing balls
  7. Character erasers
  8. Puzzle cubes or mini Rubik’s cubes
  9. Finger puppets
  10. Miniature cars or trucks
  11. Nail Polish
  12. Tiny notepads with pencils
  13. Plastic rings or bracelets
  14. Miniature figurines (dinosaurs, superheroes, etc.)
  15. Keychain charms or keyrings
  16. Hair accessories (barrettes, clips, or ties)
  17. Slime or putty in small containers
  18. Magnetic letters or numbers
  19. Decorative buttons or beads
  20. Foam shapes or stickers for crafting
  21. Miniature bubbles or bubble blowers
  22. Magic Growing Eggs 
  23. Stamps
  24. Lip Balm or chap stick
  25. Coins
Food Items
  1. Annie’s Chocolate Bunnies
  2. Made Good Mini Bars
  3. Fruit Leather
  4. Smart Sweets Candies

These items are compact enough to fit inside standard Easter eggs and are sure to make egg hunts exciting and enjoyable for children of all ages! What did we miss on our list? I’m always looking for fun new items for our Easter Egg Hunt! Share them in the comments.

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