Nature Play Days for Winter Fun through Mass Audubon

Mass Audubon launched Nature Play Days in the fall to promote a connection between families and nature. There’s no better time to get better acquainted with the outdoors than during a pandemic! However, the winter often proves to be an obstacle for families to get kids outside. Mass Audubon says this doesn’t need to be the case!

Their online blog has numerous activities for kids to partake in while outdoors. Check out their page to explore some of their ideas for Nature Play Days. Here are some of their free downloadable activities for winter nature play for your use!

Mass Audubon also provides a guide for simple outdoor activities that you can do with whatever materials you have at home or in the yard. Check out these 10 Winter Activities for ideas.

And of course, we got you covered, check our calendar for upcoming events at some of the Audubon sanctuaries in our area!

What winter activities do you enjoy doing with your family? What are some tips you would add to this guide?

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