MathAltitude is an after-school enrichment program located in Worcester, MA, offering online and in-person classes in mathematics and related disciplines for students from preschool through high school.

Math Enrichment for students who want to get ahead, challenging them to go beyond the regular school curriculum.

Math Help for students who are falling behind, reinforcing skills and strengthening confidence and understanding.

MathExploration 2024

A Comprehensive 6-Week Summer Program for K-12 ONLINE and IN-PERSON CLASSES

July 8th – August 16th

For some families, MathExploration is a wonderful introduction to our school-year program; for others, it is a stand-alone option to enrich children’s summer activities.

The K-12 program is designed to improve problem-solving skills, fill in missing gaps, enrich analytic and logical thinking, and create a passion for math.

Whether you choose in-person or online classes, our summer program will strengthen your children’s skills and help them to be better prepared when school resumes in the fall. We are here to fill in the gaps for children who are having difficulties, and challenge the children who are ready to move on to higher levels. Please contact us to discuss our program and set up a free online placement test.


Elementary Level

While our summer program covers the topics the students will study throughout the school year, we incorporate more interactive activities, educational games and fun learning exercises. Our classes keep students’ skills sharp over the summer and challenges them with new topics to give them a head start for the upcoming school year.
Classes meet twice a week – ME-PK, ME-K, ME-1-2, ME-2-3, ME-3-4, ME-4-5

Math altitude

Middle and High School Level

We offer a variety of courses from pre-algebra to calculus that allow middle and high school students to review and solidify concepts they studied during the previous year, help them build confidence, avoid “math anxiety”, and allow them to advance to higher-level classes when they return to their regular schools in the fall.
Classes meet twice a week – ME-5-6, ME-6-7, Pre-Algebra, Intro to Algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus and Calculus

Math Altitude

Unique Course Offering: Intensive Summer Pre-Calculus
  • 2.5-hour classes, 4-days per week (Monday-Thursday)
  • July 8 – August 15, 12:30-3:00 P.M. (Total hours: 60)
  • In-Person and Online
  • Instructor: Mr. Chuck Burns

The intensive course will cover the full pre-calculus curriculum and will work from the Blitzer Pre-Calculus textbook. Course material will be provided.

Whether a student yields a grade to allow him to place out of pre-calculus in September is dependent upon how much effort and study he is willing to demonstrate.

Math Olympiad Courses

Students entering Grades 5-7 and 8-9 explore advanced topics not always covered during the school year which are instrumental in preparing students for various math competitions that MathAltitude students are exposed to during a school year. Students work individually and in teams to strategize and solve challenging problems.
Classes meet twice a week – Math Olympiad L5-7, Math Olympiad L8-9

SAT/ACT Prep Courses
Includes a diagnostic test and exit exam

Math Prep – A 4-hour per week course that will review all the key concepts of Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry and Advanced Math to prepare students to maximize their performance on the SAT/ACT
An 8-hour per week course is offered for students who need a more comprehensive review of the material.

English Prep – A 4-hour per week course that will help students step up their grammar, reading, and writing skills, and teach students strategies on how to attack the various questions and prompts on the English portion of the SAT.
Classes meet twice a week – SAT Math, SAT English


While our prime focus at MathAltitude is math, we also offer an array of complementary classes that enrich your child’s learning.

*ELA– Essay Writing, College Application Essay, & English SAT/ACT Pre

*Science– Introduction to Physics, AP Physics and other levels of physics, and biology, and chemistry tutoring

*Computer Science Classes– Games and Algorithms with Scratch

*Chess Classes – A 6 week course in chess fundamentals (12 week during the school year)

Educational presentations and engineering-focused projects to broaden students’ horizons and ignite their imaginations

For more info and Free Student Assessment: contact MathAltitude – Tel: 860-375-3276 


MathAltitude School of Mathmatics
35 Harvard Street, Suite 211
Worcester, MA 01609
(860) 37-LEARN (375-3276)


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