Making New Year’s Resolutions as a Family

Making New Year’s Resolutions as a Family. A great tradition of the new year is reflecting on one’s year and making commitments to better ourselves and our lives in the new year. New Year’s resolutions also are a great opportunity for teaching children about self-reflection and goal setting.

When making the goals, it is important that they are specific and measurable so kids can see the progress they are making toward their goal. For example instead of saying “exercise more,” make a specific, attainable number “I will exercise four times per week.” I know my kids will want to monitor each other and us adults on whether we are keeping to our goals. Motivation and accountability for all!

PBS has some great tips for how to make New Year’s Resolutions as a family. They suggest:

  • Make it a family activity
  • Have different resolutions dependent on the age of the child
  • Be a role model with your own resolutions
  • Rewards should be long-lasting

For their full article and tips, check them out here. 

Do you make New Year’s Resolutions with your family? How do you approach it?


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