Local Secret (and not-so-secret) Gardens & Hikes!

Local Secret Gardens & Hikes!

We love exploring local gardens & trails. And when we find some off-the-beaten path locations we love to share them with you!  Here is our guide to secret (and not-so-secret) favorites.

Local Secret (and not-so-secret) Gardens & Hikes

Shrewsbury Secret Garden

We heard about this treasure years ago and finally explored it in Fall 2021. And we’re so glad we did! We found an enchanted garden and .4 mile whimsical trail on this private property. The owner invites the public to enjoy his creation. You will find statues, sculptures, inspiring quotes and so much more. If there is a breeze, you will hear the wind chimes. Bring a book, take a book.  You will even find a Free Library on the trails.

secret garden

Shrewsbury’s Secret Garden

The Enchanted Garden at Drawbridge Puppet Theatre
1335 Mass Ave
Lunenburg, MA

We love this beautiful, whimsical garden filled with all your storybook favorite characters like Little Red Riding Hood, Humpty Dumpty, 3 Little Ducklings and so much more.

Enchanted Garden

Cutthroat Brook Tree Farm (Gnome) Trail

Although we haven’t hiked this trail yet, it’s on our bucket list. This beginner trail is perfect for families and children. Enter this trail at 586 Briggs Rd in Athol. There are several dozen gnomes to find along the trail.

Tell us about your favorite Secret Gardens & Hikes in the comments below!

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