Sarah and Daniel Perez, owners of the Little River Farm in Belchertown MA, opened their farm in 2019 to the public and they want to invite you over!

Little River Farm Alpacas and their mini donkey friends are hoping you’ll stop by and visit in May! They love visitors and the owners are so excited to share them with you.

“We’d love to meet more of our neighbors and see faces, old and new”! Visits are free and can be scheduled here.(Sorry, No May or June Dates Available- See information about Open Farm Day below).  Donations are appreciated. Visit their store for homemade alpaca items.

May 16th Community Event: Open Farm Day. Stop by from 11am-5pm to visit the friendly farm animals and learn about Little River Farm.

About Little River Farm
We are very community-oriented, valuing conservation, wildlife, and restoring natural, small-scale, sustainable agricultural practices. We believe animals should be able to live their most natural, healthy lives and work hard to maintain that for our animals, always treating them humanely, with our love for the animals being the driving factor in all we do. The alpacas give us wonderful fiber every year, and the donkeys help protect our farm, while all the animals bring us joy with their silly antics and loving personalities. So we owe them, and our wonderful community!


Little River Farm also offers birthday parties.


Little River Farm 
2 River St. Belchertown, MA

Photos Courtesy of Little River Farm

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