Leicester Playgrounds & Parks

Leicester Playgrounds & Parks

In this article we’ll take a look at two great parks in Leicester. The parks are super close by and should definitely be on your “Annual Parks Checklist!”


Towtaid Park
Church & Towtaid Streets

Our first park is called Towtaid park. Towtaid park is on Church Street and Towtaid Street in the Cherry Valley section of Leicester just off of Route 9 (Main Street). This park is located in a quiet neighborhood and very easy to get to. Towtaid park has playground equipment such as swings, slides, hobby horses and a sandbox. There are lots of benches in case you just want to relax a bit!  The park also has a basketball court perfect for weekly pick-up games with your friends. Looking for a couple of unique sports to try? How about One Wall Handball or Pickleball? There are dedicated courts for each sport so bring friends!

Here’s where things get good for more “relaxed” visitors. Not looking to move and shake? Bring a book, sit on a blanket and just relax amongst the tranquility. This park is open to the public and all rules and regulations must be followed. These are posted at the park and we’ve included them below.

Photo: Town of Leicester


Rochdale Park
Stafford Street, Leicester MA

Rochdale Park is on Stafford Street in the Rochdale section of Leicester, just across the street from the Fire Station.

The park provides Leicester residents a place to relax and/or be active! Play basketball, use the skate park, play baseball and enjoy a volleyball game a newly installed court. The park also has views of beautiful Rochdale Pond. About the pond, there’s no swimming or fishing in the pond. It’s all about enjoying the view!

Rochdale Park is open to the public and all rules and regulations must be followed. The rules of Rochdale park are posted on-site and at the end of this article.

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