Exploring LAUNCH, the Ultimate Indoor Park for Kids

Launch Leominster: Indoor Park

Welcome to an adrenaline-packed adventure at Launch! Located in Leominster, Launch is not your average playground. It’s an incredible indoor park perfect for kids and kids at heart. From soaring through the air on trampolines to striking down pins in the bowling alley and mastering arcade games, Launch offers it all. This is an all-encompassing experience that guarantees thrills at every turn – for a variety of ages. Or, as my oldest daughter put it, as she approached our first experience at Launch, “This is the most fun place ever!”

Trampolines & Ninja CoursesLaunch Indoor Park Ninja Course

The first attraction we checked out was the trampoline & ninja course area – including a dodgeball arena, balance beams, trampoline hoops (and more!). Plus there were three ninja courses for the kids to challenge themselves on. The kids had a blast jumping, shooting hoops, running up the quarter pipes and swinging on the steps & ropes on the ninja courses. This area is great for a variety of ages and there are so many different levels to enjoy it at. I love that families can enjoy it with little ones as young as 3 or 4 up to middle schoolers (or even beyond).

XP Tag ArenaLaunch Indoor Park Tag Arena Launch Indoor Park Tag Arena

After we sufficiently wore out our legs jumping on the trampolines, we made our way over to the Tag Arena. The kids were each given a band, and they were challenged to hit as many lights inside the arena as they could in ten minutes. Then, the band would tally up their points so they could see how they did in the end. The kids teamed up together to help each other climb giant bouncy balls, swing on ropes, climb through mazes (and more!) to gain access to the lights. In the end, they wanted to keep playing in that area long after the ten minutes was up – the points mattered less to them than playing.


Next, we tried a game of bowling! My kids have never done large ball bowling before (always candlepin), but they took on the challenge, happily. The bowling area has tables and is conveniently located next to Krave snack bar. So we were able to get some drinks and snacks to refuel too.

ArcadeLaunch Indoor Park ArcadeLaunch Indoor Park Arcade

We ended at the arcade playing classic games like skeeball and car racing. The kids also very much enjoyed claw machines (some of which guaranteed a winner). So we walked out with rubber duckies and some candy as their bounty. There were numerous games to choose from. Some were “point” earning so that you could redeem for prizes, and others were just for the fun of the game.


Omni Virtual Reality

Launch Indoor Omni Virtual Realty

In Launch’s virtual reality realm, visitors can put their skills to the test in a world like no other. Fully immersive and teeming with unparalleled experiences, this virtual landscape promises an adventure that transcends reality. Players get to choose their virtual reality experience like paranormal, zombies, etc. There is a minimum height requirement on this experience that our kids did not meet. This looks like a great activity for upper elementary school and middle school aged kids!


Launch Indoor Park in Leominster offers activities that make an adrenaline-packed day. Ninja courses, trampolines, bowling, arcade games (and more) ensure non-stop fun for everyone. With activities suitable for various age groups and interests, Launch truly delivers an unforgettable experience filled with thrills and excitement for all who visit.

Launch Indoor Park Dodgeball Launch Indoor Park Balance Beam Launch Indoor Park Bowling



118 Commercial Rd,
Leominster, MA

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