Kids Will Love Luv 2 Play Indoor Playground

Luv 2 Play Indoor Playground

This week we visited the popular Central Mass spot Luv 2 Play to check out their indoor play space. We immediately took off our shoes upon entering, and the kids took off for the massive play structure. There are ramps, slides, tunnels, and so much more. It was exciting for the kids because every time the kids reentered the play structure, they would find a new area, a new obstacle, or a new slide.

Review for Different Ages"</h5

Luv 2 Play says it is for ages 12 and under. The five-year-olds who we came with were perfect ages for this play space. They were excited about all the activities in the big play structure but didn’t get overwhelmed by the size. The three-year-old in our party was a little overwhelmed by the big play structure, but he was happy to go along with the older friends. And he absolutely loved the toddler area that was built just his size. He loved the ball pit, the building blocks, and the slide in that section.

The nine-year-old in the group said she absolutely loved this indoor playground and wants to go back, but I can see that she has a limited number of years left in this building before she grows out of it. That said, the slides are large, long and fast, so they definitely kept her interest and enjoyment! She also spent a lot of time in the arcade racking up tickets for prizes.

Toddlers & Babies


Luv 2 Play has great medium size “rooms” sectioned off by mats for the littlest ones in the family. The play features in these spaces include walkers, mirrors, foam blocks, play cube-like toys and more. Everything has foam mats and soft floors, so parents can be sure their kids are safe to play. This is conveniently located near the big play structure so that parents can stay with the babies and keep an eye on the bigger kids who are climbing and sliding.



The kids enjoyed getting arcade passes loaded with “swipes.” They played Mario Kart, a Jurassic Park game, some claw machines and more. They really liked using their card for the mini-carousel, which the smaller kids enjoyed immensely. The gator game, similar to whack-a-mole was also a favorite.


The cafe, located in the back of the building, features easy snacks like Dole fruit cups, gold fish, and chips to lunch meals like pizza, chicken strips or hot dogs. The play space rule is not outside food or drink (other than water). We ordered the kids some juice boxes and small snacks to keep their energy up after lots of play.

Overall, we will absolutely be adding this to our rotation of indoor places to visit. The moms were incredibly impressed with the cleanliness of the space and how well kept the structures and toys are. The kids burnt off energy and fell asleep in the car on the way home (win!).

Luv 2 Play

10B Galaxy Pass
Sutton, MA 01590

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