Happy 8th Birthday to WCKC! Please help us continue to grow!

This month marks the 8th Birthday of worcestercentralkidscalendar.com! We’ve had so much fun and are looking for the upcoming year to be another big year for growth, but we can’t do it without the help of you—our best fans!

If you think our calendar is great, if you think our articles are useful and funny, if you like us…if you really like us, please give us the best birthday present ever and spread the word about WorcesterCentralKidsCalendar by becoming a fan and/or inviting your Facebook friends to become a fan.  You can also invite them to follow us on Instagram or sign up for our popular weekly e-newsletter.

Our fans come in all shapes and sizes like parents, babysitters, school chums, advisors, grandparents, the teller at the bank—anyone who likes kids and likes to do fun stuff would love WorcesterCentralKidsCalendar!

Thanks for helping us celebrate our birthday, we’re looking ahead to many, many more! 

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    1. Too Busy Mom of 3

      Happy 6th Birthday WCKC! We love all that you do for us families and our community! Keep up the great work and keep sharing all the family fun in and around Worcester!

      ~Too Busy Mom of 3!

      1. WCKC

        Too Busy Mom of 3, Thank you SO much for taking the time to wish us a Happy Birthday. And we are so happy you are enjoying our website! Fran @ WCKC

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