Beating Back to School Nerves with PBS Kids

Going back to school this year comes with continued uncertainty for many of our children. Last year when my daughter started kindergarten, I stuck a note (a picture I drew) in her front pocket that she knew she could look at if she missed me, and she packed a small treat in her lunch box to look forward to at lunch time. These small efforts gave her confidence on her first time ever entering that school building.

I came across this collection of great resources through PBS Kids, and I loved some of the ideas and activities they had collected to make for a smooth transition for kids. Check out some of the highlights below.

Creating Daily Routines for Kids

Consistent routines provide comfort and a sense of safety to young children. Following a schedule each day makes children feel safer and happier, which often leads to better behavior and cooperation. When they know what to expect, and what’s expected of them, kids feel more comfortable and confident about what lies ahead. Read more about routines and games to play with kids about routines.

Daniel Tiger Songs to Manage Feelings

This is obviously more for the younger kids, but I have been a big fan of Daniel Tiger for some time now. I love how Daniel Tiger and his family teach kids and parents how to talk about feelings; I have learned just as much from that show as my kids have. Check out these 9 episodes and songs to help your kids manage and ease their feelings, because back to school can bring out those big feelings!

Make a Lucky Mini Unicorn for the First Day

I love this easy and sweet craft to do before the first day of school. The mini unicorn is a nice visual reminder that they have you as support at home and that they have courage and luck on their side on this school day. This craft relates to a scene in Arthur when D.W. sees her friend having a tough first day of kindergarten. It might be fun to pair with the watching of that episode!

What do you do to ease the first day of school jitters with your kids?

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