Gingerbread Houses for Year Round Crafting Fun

two kids working on a valentine's day houseMy daughter loves doing gingerbread houses at Christmas with her grandmother. It’s become a really nice tradition for them to do together. This year, Grammy extended the fun with a pop tart house Valentine inspired house. (A Love House? A Valentine Home? Still working on a name).

This led me to look for some St Patrick’s Day themed houses. This easy, fun edible craft could keep us busy all year long with different themed homes! Here’s what I have found for March.

Leprechaun House
graham cracker house decorated with candy

Photo Courtesy of Adventures of Mel

I love that this project uses graham crackers (I already have that in my cupboard!) and rainbow M&Ms as the primary decoration element. Gum drops, marshmallows and mini m&ms also grace the plate to make a festive house. We love to not only decorate the gingerbread or in this case the graham cracker but also the plate underneath it – a walkway, a bush in front of the home (you get the idea). This tutorial lays the groundwork for a great decorating adventure.

Gingerbread house with St. Patrick's Day theme

Photo: The Gingerbread Journal

Shamrock Shack from The Gingerbread Journal

This one looks a bit more committed to the integrity of the gingerbread house than I’m willing to be. From making your own icing to making your own gingerbread, this brings you through the whole process from start to finish. The final project looks absolutely adorable though and well worth the added effort!

I love the grass and bushes features around the house brings an extra charming element to this sweet house.

Leprechaun Houses – A Mother Thing


I love the decoration options on these leprechaun houses! The creativity is awesome and it definitely gives me ideas on what to grab at the store while I am out scouring for things to use for this craft. The base for these houses is again graham crackers, and the icing directions are included in their run down. If you are making different houses, there are endless decorating options.

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