FREE Home Depot Kids’ Workshop-6/1!

FREE Home Depot Kids’ Workshop! There’s no reason your kids shouldn’t be put to work swinging a hammer. Well, I mean, not at your house, but Home Depot welcomes the little builders!

On the first Saturday of each month, Home Depot offers a free workshop for kids to build their own wooden masterpiece. Designed for kids ages 5-12, but all ages are welcome!

Show up anytime between 9 am and 12 pm, and your child will be outfitted with the hallmark orange apron and the tools to create a wooden “whatever” (each month is a new project). And yes, they get to bring their timbered showpiece home for all to admire, along with a certificate of achievement and a snazzy pin for their apron. Did we mention it was FREE? Good job Deeps, we salute you.




grill home depot

June 1, 2024 – Grill Gift Card Box

home depot

July 6, 2024 – Soccer Game


Kids’ Workshop held at all Home Depot locations (although it’s always a good idea to call first)

For information on monthly projects or workshop details, visit the Home Depot Kids’ Workshop website.

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        1. Sarah

          Unfortunately our home Depot says the work shops are only the first Saturdays of the month so ours won’t be doing this one 🙁

          1. Karen

            You get a kit and you work of pellets of plywood. I have seen children of all ages do it. It ia self paced and parental help is necessary. So any age can do it if mom/dad has patience.

      1. Kay

        I see little bitty kid’s building projects at our store also adults with disabilities who the age does not apply to. As long as you are able to help them it shouldn’t matter. Maybe just call and ask first at your local store.

      2. Angelina

        Melissa yes he can participate I’ve taken my son since 2017 and he was 3 yrs old and i have a newborn i make the stuff for him as well and i have a 8yr old and 5 yr old. Its fun to help them build

      3. Daniel

        I guess it would depend on your three-year-olds skill level. I bring my three-year-old and he has several pins. It teaches them great hand eye coordination and they get to keep their project that they did and you get to help.

      4. Kaushik Das

        Certain workshops run out of materials even if you have pre-registered. Better to reach before 10 am to ensure you do not have a sad kid

    1. Percillia

      This will be my first time going and I can’t wait to take my two year old :). I’m sure she will have a blast.

    2. Lori

      I have a 10 year old boy, and we’ve been going since he was about 2 1/2 – 3. He loves making the probjects, and while he doesn’t need my help anymore it is still fun to get out and do. He actually looks forward to them each month, and remembers that they are always the first Saturday.

    3. Jessica

      I’d like to post a HUGE thank you to Home Depot for having this for kids! I’m getting ready to take my daughter to her 1st workshop today, the best thing is my dad is joining us and he’s really excited too!

      1. Aaron

        I take my down syndrome 18 year old And he loves the projects. They are very welcoming. Never an issue. He is on a first name basis with many in the store.

    4. Joan Kelley

      We took our children when they were little ones. ( we still have some of the projects and badges!) Now our children,
      and sometimes us as Grandparents, take THEIR children! My grandchildren are so thrilled and excited for each project. My 5 yeat old granddaughter displays her project pins on her work apron and proudly wears it each month. She also has her own little toolbox, with tools. She buys a new tool each month and loves to help fix things at home if needed. Thank you Home Depot for building such memories for our family!

    5. David Reynolds

      We have been taking our grandson since he was 3 years old he now is 9. He loves going and we love taking him. Patrick is fabulous that runs it.

    6. Gladys

      I take my two kids to these workshops. And my 4yr old has since found a passion for trying to use tools at home even when it’s not needed but we love it! And they look forward to putting on their Home Depot apron and going every month!

    7. the grandma

      I have taken my grandsons for a long time, it is an amazing way to help them build their self esteem and be able to bring home something that they “made” with their own hands! Please use this opportunity to spend quality time with a child—-itll make you feel good and certainly a child who can alsways use time to interact with an adult who cares about them making them feel like they are worth the time and attention moreso than always with their head in a video game.

    8. Amy

      My girls are 8 and 6 and we have been going for years. My siblings will also bring their kids and we make a family event out of it. I wish my girls would still let me help, but not anymore. Lol.

    9. Lisa

      Home Depot, you provide so much fun for so many. Thank you for all you do in prep, supplies, hands-on instruction, and your time involved. This is the best community outreach and it is very impactful. Can’t thank you enough!

    10. Josh anderson

      Does anyone know if home Depot by chance has the extra project kits and pins the following day. I have been taking my daughter for a year and a half. We we’re not able to make it today due to a family emergency and it is the only one we have missed. I am sadder than my daughter is because I plan on keeping all these workshop projects for rest of my life

    11. Luba

      I take my 2 year old and my 4 year old I usually let them paint and then I help them put it together and my girls love it

    12. TJ

      Thank you Home Depot and all your staff!!
      And no worries I still go in and buy way more than than what I came in for! Always a great time to meet, learn, and respect others in the neighborhood and opportunity to see help or help others! ( a lil glue can stick and a lil help with an extra hand can help a lot)

    13. Greg

      I have been taking my daughter for five years she loves all of the projects we have done through the years and it is a great way for her to learn how to use basic tools.

    14. Della

      I have been taking my grandkids. 6 of them. The two I raise I took in diapers. They are boys. I have all girls. Was looking for something to do with them that was for boys. They loved it then and still do. They are 7 and 8. My granddaughters love it as well. We all spend time together and they learn good skills. My 7 yr old is autistic and he still enjoys most parts of it himself. Doing more by himself all the time. Lowe’s used to do it as well every other week. We did both.

    15. olivia

      We try not to miss any of the kids workshops. The skills our grandchildren learn there benefit them greatly. They take pride in their building projects. Employees Paulette and Betty, who supervise the workshops, are personable, helpful, and attentive to the children. We can tell they enjoy working at the kids workshops. We are grateful to Home Depot for providing this free program.

    16. Include (not exclude)

      Our kids love the workshops! However, when you put ideas like “build a Christmas countdown calendar, then the kids that usually come each month but that don’t celebrate Christmas (Jews/Muslims/Hindus/Buddhists/other) can’t participate! And that’s not fair to the kids that you are being selective in who you represent. We ALL buy your products so please do not offend us by celebrating one holiday and ignoring all other faiths. It’s not good business practice.
      You could have done a “seasonal project- like a gingerbread , a wreath, a sleigh, but to specifically call it Christmas countdown you have isolated many many kids …and their families (your customers!)

        1. Jayden

          I am 12 years old, and I am going to be 13 this year but I love the home depot projects soo much, I am still going to do them each month. We are driving to home depot right now actually. ❤❤?

    17. Preethi

      It’s ok to celebrate with a Christmas tree calendar. USA is a christian country.

      I’ve respect your religion even if we are non Christians

    18. Krishna Veduruparthi

      It’s an awesome Activity conducting by Home Depot. Kudos to the and my 6 years old daughter..just love it ??♥️????♥️

    19. ashley

      My son has gone several times and he is only 18 months old. He loves it! Teaches patience, following directions, hand eye coordination. We look forward to these days!

    20. Marc

      I just went to register and the event is gone. I called the store and they said it is still happening, but I can’t sign up over the phone. what happened? We go as a family event. There are 8 kids participating ages ranging from 1 to 13. How did the event get removed from the site?

    21. Jus

      I just got an email saying this workshop 3/7/2020 has been canceled! This would have been the first workshop for our 3 yr old. So sad.

    22. Bjorn

      We brought my kid to the local Home Depot around 1030am. We were informed all supplies were gone. My son was very disappointed since we were thrilled to make gingerbread house. How could require pre-registration and run out supply within an hour and half.?

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