Top 5 reasons to take your kids to the library

Top 5 reasons to take your kids to the library. Spoiler: It’s not just the books!. If you haven’t visited your local library lately, you may not realize what a tremendous wealth of resources they have to offer. Here are my top five favorites:

#1 The Toys

Kids love toys that aren’t their own. It is a scientific fact. Most library children’s rooms have toys for kids of all ages, especially toddler age. From puzzles to dollhouses to puppets, kids can get creative with a game that is not on a screen, which brings me to number two.

#2 Cell phones aren’t allowed in the library

This forces kids and adults to It is some great quality time with a great excuse not to have your phone and a great excuse to tell your kids they can’t watch TV, use an iPad etc.

#3 Free movies

Okay, so I realize this seems to contradict my last point, but why rent movies when there are free ones at the library? Get some family-friendly films and have a movie night post library visit.

#4 Museum Passes

Discounts on great area sights can be accessed at the library. Each library has a different line up, and most libraries list the discounts on the website. At my local library, we can access discounts to the EcoTarium, Davis Farmland, American Heritage Museum, Old Sturbridge Village, Worcester Art Museum to name a few.

#5 The Books

Well obviously, but share your love of learning and reading with kids by bringing them to the library and getting excited about checking out books. We used to love filling our big bag with all sorts of new adventures each week. The earlier kids start, the more likely they will love to read too! Plus, many libraries incentivize reading through summer reading programs or host reading events (check back for a future post on this very topic!).

Local Library Directory

Worcester Public Library
Main Branch
3 Salem Square
Worcester MA 01608
The Library includes a café and used bookstore (hours differ from library hours)

Frances Perkins Branch
470 West Boylston Street
Worcester, MA 01606

Great Brook Valley Branch
89 Tacoma Street
Worcester, MA 01606
(508) 799-1729

Roosevelt Branch
1006 Grafton Street
Worcester, MA 01604
(508) 799-8327

Tatnuck Magnet Branch
1083 Pleasant Street
Worcester, MA 01602
(508) 799-8329

Goddard Branch
14 Richards Street
Worcester, MA 01603
(508) 799-8330

Leicester Library
1136 Main Street (Route 9)
Leicester, MA 01524

Auburn Public Library
369 Southbridge Street
Auburn, MA 01501
(508) 832-7790

Shrewsbury Public Library
609 Main Street
Shrewsbury, MA 01545

Boylston Library
695 Main Street
Boylston, MA 01505
(508) 869-2371

Beaman Memorial Public Library
8 Newton Street
West Boylston, MA 01583
(508) 835-3711

Conant Free Public Library
4 Meetinghouse Hill Road
Sterling, MA 01564
(978) 422-6409

Princeton Public Library
2 Town Hall Drive
Princeton, MA 01541
(978) 464-2115

Gale Free Library
23 Highland Street
Holden, MA 01520
(508) 210-5560

Rutland Public Library
280 Main Street
Rutland, MA 01543
(508) 886-4108

Richards Memorial Library
44 Richards Avenue
Paxton, MA 01612
(508) 754-0793

Millbury Public Library
128 Elm Street
Millbury, MA 01527
Phone:(508) 865-1181

Local library events pages will have more information about all the great activities, events and programs your library offers for free! Visit yours today!

Looking for fun events in Central MA? See the WCKC calendar pages!

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