Stumped? 7 Great Father’s Day gift ideas for Dad!

Father’s Day gifts, aaaaargh. Aren’t guys just the most difficult to buy for? And Father’s Day to boot…it’s gotta be something “special” from the kids, but also something that he’ll enjoy and actually use. Here are a couple of ideas that we came up with for the Dad who has everything.

1. Stocks

Otherwise known as, Legal Gambling! And you don’t have to go big—spend $50 on an inexpensive, up-and-coming business. It’s a great way to learn how the stock market works while providing a fun and educational event for the whole family. Make it a “Sunday morning thing” where the kids grab the paper or get online and have them review the stock’s progress. Stocks go up, steak and eggs. Stocks go down, cereal.

2. Sporting Event Tickets

Ok, maybe not for the Red Sox (too expensive and too crowded), but how about a family pack to the Worcester Bravehearts ($7-$9 a ticket, hello!) or tickets to a WooSox Game?. That way, when the kids want to leave early, you’re not eating a $60+ ticket. You will, of course, still be on the hook for hot dogs, cotton candy, pretzels, ice cream bars and gallons of soda.

3. Grill Sets. Good Ones.

One day, I came upon a teal colored BBQ tool set that was so perfectly priced, I couldn’t refuse. You know who could refuse? My better half, who refused to use the chintzy, plastic set I had just recently so admired. It’s a scientific fact, men like rugged stuff when they cook meat over an open flame. For this Father’s Day, splurge on a nice grill set that’s all woody and metal and really sturdy. Do not, however, purchase an actual grill unless you know *exactly* the one he wants. It’s kind of like asking your husband to pick out a comfortable bra. Bless his little heart, but he’s never going get that right.

4. Food & Drink

You know that bottle of 100 year old whiskey that’s in the glass case at the liquor store? Or how about the 4 inch thick filet mignon at the butcher? What about a hot-from-the-oven homemade Brownie Sundae? They say a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Pick something he’d think is really, really decadent and spoil him with it.

5. Outdoor Fire Pit

Chopping wood, starting a fire and providing heat and warmth for his family. It doesn’t get any more primal than that. Fire pits are a great addition to any backyard—think summertime evenings while roasting marshmallows. So that Dad doesn’t have to go tromping into the woods for old branches, throw in a box of those starter sticks and dry log bundles just to get things rolling. Don’t forget the s’more skewers (get the loooong ones so the kidlets can stand far enough away from the flames!).

6. The “Go-ahead” Gift

Maybe Dad’s been wanting to build a man cave, or visit a college buddy out of state or maybe drop some dough on a decent pair of sunglasses– but hasn’t done it for a myriad of reasons. Have at it! Give him your wholehearted best wishes to do something he’s been excited about and help him follow through with making it happen. Fun!

7. Dollar Shave Club

I’m a sucker for slick marketing and packaging, which is just fine by me when it comes to the Dollar Shave Club because it sends razor blades for your special guy directly to your mailbox. Automatically. Without having to do anything. At all. They also sell really cool products like shave gels, manly moisturizers and hair stuff and everything is so inexpensively priced. Each shipment (you decide the frequency, monthly, every other, etc.) comes with a Bathroom News newsletter that is both informative and hilarious. Bonus: Your razors are now your razors only. Unless you have teenage daughters, then I don’t know what to tell you.

Whatever you decide, don’t forget a sweet card that tells Dad all the ways we love thee. Happy Father’s Day!


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