Enter the Great PI(E) Day Bake-off to Celebrate pi day 3.14!

Yes, it’s that time of year—March 14, or 3.14—the day math enthusiasts and dessert lovers can unite over a delicious slice of pie. If you are searching for a fun way to celebrate your love of infinite decimal places with your kids, Tumblehome Books has just the challenge for you….a PI(E) bake-off!

Here’s how it works:
– Bake your favorite PI(E)s and send us a picture with your recipe by midnight on 3/14. Enter as many pies as you wish. Include your first name, PI(E) photo, recipe, email, school and grade.
– Our judges are looking for creativity, PI(E) themed décor, and fun! Awards will be presented for “Best PI(E) Symmetry” “Best Lattice PI(E)” and “Most Creative PI(E)”.
– The three lucky winners will receive Katie Coppens’ books, Geometry Is As Easy As Pie and Geology Is A Piece Of Cake – both use baking to teach concepts in math and geology. Winners will be announced on 3/15.

To help you get your PI(E) baking underway, Katie is providing a free video tutorial on making Parallel and Perpendicular Lattice Apple Pie from her book Geometry Is As Easy As Pie. Not only will the pie be delicious, kids will learn about parallel and perpendicular lines while having fun and learning to bake. Get your free video tutorial, lesson plan and recipe here.

Bake up all kinds of pies with your kids – from parallel and perpendicular lattice apple pie, to coconut cream and lemon meringue, to dark-cherry crumble. Join bakers across the country who are breaking out their rolling pins in homage to the mathematical constant 3.14…..PI(E) Day 2021. Start warming your oven and let the baking begin!

Get both Geometry Is as Easy as Pie and Geology Is A Piece of Cake for $24.63 – $11.27 off the regular price of $35.90 (regularly $17.95 each)….a 31.40% savings. Order by 3/1 to ensure 3.14 delivery. Shipping is Free. Buy your books here.

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