Eight Trick or Treating Alternatives

We have some great ideas for trick or treating alternatives. Maybe your town or city isn’t participating in Halloween or maybe you have made the decisions to not trick or treat this year. Whatever the reason for wanting other Halloween activity ideas, here’s your list!

  • Organize a Neighborhood Social Distance Halloween Parade. Parade through the neighborhood in costume and check out the neighborhood decorations. Socially distanced, with masks, this is a safe choice. Also check to see if your town has a safe Halloween parade like the one in the town of Paxton.
  • Bake some spooooky treats. We are making a jack o lantern cake this week (wish us luck), but there are plenty of other options to try out.
  • Halloween Themed Movie Night complete with themed snacks and maybe a decorated “movie theater” living room. And we have collected some movie suggestions the whole family can enjoy: Scooby Doo, E.T., Hocus Pocus, Casper, It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, The Addams Family.
  • Create a scavenger hunt for the kids with clues that lead to a great Halloween treat. Here are some ideas we found helpful. 10 Ways to Go on a Halloween Scavenger Hunt, Halloween Scavenger Hunt for Kids
  • Take a drive to see the outrageously creepy decorations neighbors have put out. We recommend driving through Westminster, Holden and Rutland as their towns are hosting decorating contests. Check online for maps of the decorated homes.
  • Do a Halloween Candy Hunt in the yard. You can even buy pumpkins instead of Easter eggs online to put the candy in (or recycle Easter eggs from last year – kids just want the treats inside anyway!).
  • Schedule a zoom with family and friends for a Halloween costume contest or dance off so kids can still socialize on this holiday. Agree on award categories and prizes ahead of time.
  • Participate in other Halloween-themed crafts and activities that are comfortable for your family, so you still feel in the Halloween spirit. Check our guide for ideas!

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