EcoTarium Vacation Week Programs!

Community Science Vacation Week

April 15 – 20, 2024
10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Want to meet an important scientist who can protect our planet? Just look in the mirror, because science needs you! Harness your powers of observation to help solve real-world problems in your community and across the globe. Hunt for stars, peek at plants, and track animal trends, then share your discoveries. Bring your sense of curiosity—we’re counting on it.

Monday, April 15 is Free Admission Day!  Get your advance tickets here:

Daily Schedule

11:00 am – Science Discovery: BioBlitz!
11:45 am – Planetarium Show*
12:30 pm – Science Discovery: Light Pollution Solution
1:15 pm – Planetarium Show*
2:00 pm – Planetarium Show*
2:45 pm – Science Discovery: April Showers
3:30 pm – Planetarium Show*

*These programs require a separate ticket that is not included with admission.

Ongoing Daily Activities – 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
  • BioBlitz Outdoor Exploration
  • Budburst
  • Make Your Own Vernal Pool
Additional Programs:

Monday, April 15th-Free Admission Day!
Get Advance tickets here:

10:30 am – Planetarium Show*
12:00 pm – Animal Discovery
4:15 pm – Afternoon Astronomy

Wednesday, April 17th

12:00 pm – Animal Discovery
4:15 pm – Afternoon Astronomy

Friday, April 19th

12:00 pm – Animal Discovery
4:15 pm – Afternoon Astronomy

Saturday, April 20th

4:15 pm – Afternoon Astronomy
4:15 pm – “Beavers, the Master Architects of Wetlands” Forum

222 Harrington Way
Worcester, MA

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