New, interactive bedtime book, “Don’t Wake the Dragon” is your new best friend!

I get so excited whenever I’m able to use this platform to share with all of you something near and dear to my heart.

My longtime friend Bianca Schulze (Yes, I actually know a book author, so cool!) has a new picture book coming out in July called “Don’t Wake the Dragon” which is a fun, interactive story featuring a reluctant-to-sleep dragon—a character that children will surely relate!

Don’t Wake the Dragon Summary

The illustrations are gorgeous!

Don’t Wake the Dragon is a fantastic and interactive bedtime story featuring a sound-asleep dragon who under no circumstances is to be woken up! Children are tasked with checking in on the sleeping dragon as the castle cook drops his pots and pans and when the knights throw a loud birthday party. It isn’t until the whole kingdom settles down that the dragon wakes up. What is the kingdom to do?

Designed to be read aloud and interacted with, parents will take pleasure in the playful text as much as children will enjoy gently rocking the book from side to side as they sing the dragon a lullaby. When the story finally comes to an end, and the gentle lullaby is repeated, the dragon (and the child!) is encouraged to drift off to sleep.

The whimsical and colorful illustrations enable the dragon to jump off the page and will delight the reader with its humor and personality on every page. Creates a wonderful bedtime ritual with children that they will look forward to every night.

Virtual Story Times

The Schulze Family at home in Colorado.

Bianca will be doing some virtual storytimes over the summer with bookstores. Check out the schedule and join if you can!

How to Purchase

I really hope you’ll check it out! You can pre-order now, the book is available on July 28, 2020.

There are a couple ways to purchase the book:

The Children’s Book Review

But wait, there’s more from my amazing and talented friend. Back in March of 2008, Bianca founded The Children’s Book Review. Originally started as a hobby and labor of love, it has since turned into a professional review site that provides authors, illustrators, and other creative producers a platform for reaching industry professionals and getting the word out about new and existing works. For more content and information, visit The Children’s Book Review.

The author, Bianca Schulze

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Facebook: @biancaschulzewriter
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Facebook: @thechildrensbookreview
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