Kids can climb the walls at the Discovery Museum Treehouse Complex!

Have you been to the Discovery Museum new treehouse complex yet?

Discovery Museum has opened an amazing outdoor space with a tree house, a family swing, nooks and crannies for kids to run around in and explore and SO much more. Have you seen the amazing show Tree House Guys on DIY Network? These are the people who have helped execute this multi-million dollar project.

I was able to chat with Ann Sgarzi, Marketing Director at Discovery Museum to find out what it is that families will love most about this new project, and what motivated the museum to create this expansion. 

What’s to LOVE Discovery Woods?
Organic Play

The team at Discovery Museum went into the expansion with the idea that kids needed an opportunity to explore and play without too much structure, teaming rules etc. So this space allows kids to develop that part of the brain and find their own boundaries in this space. They get a chance to learn from nature and in a more natural setting here. Sgarzi said “one of our goals is to get free play in kids’ lives and help families get outside again.” She noted that the museum valued their outdoor space and were noticing that they were not maximizing its use. In order to draw families into this space more, the idea of Discovery Woods was born.

Kids get to explore places like Beaver Lodge, Rain Garden, Birdhouse Village and Woodland Nook. I am not sure what these spaces look like yet, but the names alone sound exciting! I can’t wait to find out, and I know kids will enjoy finding out too.

Whimsical Feel

Everything about the space was carefully planned and designed down to the misshapen windows! The design is meant to be whimsical, fun and perfectly designed for children! This means lots of fun details throughout!

Physical Activity

There is a cargo net, a nest swing, a family slide, a wiggly bridge and the list goes on. The space encourages movement and challenges kids to get out of their comfort zones.


This space is completely inclusive meaning that all children, regardless of physical ability, can participate in the space in the same way. The family slide, the nest swing, the grading of the land to get to the treehouse were all designed so that all children can play in the space side by side. According to Sgarzi, this space was designed by a committee of advisors so that this space would meet the needs and be developmentally appropriate for kids. For example, the committee worked to make sure that colors pop where they need to for children with low-vision. Discovery Woods - June 14

Outdoor Events and Programs

While over the past year, Discovery Museums has added more outdoor programming and the addition of an outdoor, environmental educator, this new space gives them more ability to get kids outside. Sgarzi said that the offerings will only grow more with the addition of Discovery Woods and that this space will make their emphasis on outdoor play much easier and more exciting.

Year-Round Outdoor Fun

This space is meant to be used 12 months a year. The paths will be shoveled and there will be activities and events in that space year round. Just like their nature play group now, outdoor events run no matter the weather.

See you at the treehouse!

Discovery Museum Treehouse

Discovery Museum Treehouse

Discovery Museum
177 Main Street (Route 27), Acton MA



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        Hi Lynne, They are located at 177 Main St in Acton. Lots of fun, and if you go on a Friday night this summer 4:30-8pm, the admission is free!

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